Drinking game ideas for election night 2020 – bingo, catchwords and moustaches.


Election day may be coming up, but many Americans may already have plans for another important election night. Millions of Americans will certainly stay up late tonight to observe the outcome of the election, and whether they are celebrating or sympathizing, there is a lot that can be done to make a potentially tense evening more enjoyable.

Americans who have passed the legal drinking age can (responsibly) choose to drink while watching tonight’s election coverage to spoil the potentially very stressful hours. Considering that the 2020 elections are taking place in “unprecedented times”, there are many buzzwords to listen to and drink to – from “pandemic” to “Supreme Court”.

Get creative and come up with your own drinking games and bingo cards, or look below for inspiration to enjoy election night 2020 responsibly.

Election Night Bingo Drinking Game

Vine Pair has come up with a bingo card that you can play while watching the election coverage as the results come in. Grab a beer, wine or something stronger, play along and drink every time someone mentions “climate change”, “Ukraine” or “Florida”.

Follow the bingo card from your phone or laptop, or print out the bingo card from Vine Pair to check the boxes as you play. Be creative about how you play your board – maybe take a sip when you check a box, or a shot when you complete a row or column, for example.

An unprecedented drinking game on election night

Instead of simply having a drink when a buzzword is mentioned, Our Community Now has come up with a more complex drinking game for an unprecedented election night, where the audience takes everything from a sip to pouring a whole new drink, depending on what happens that night.

Do you hear the words “too close to the election results” or “unprecedented times”? Take a sip. If a commentator is playing around with a large U.S. touch screen or solving theoretical math problems with projected votes, take two sips, and drink up when the phrase “hanging chads” is mentioned.

When should you skip all that and pour yourself a completely different drink right away? When Kanye West wins.

Election Night Moustache Drinking Game

If you’re looking for a more visual, comical kind of game, Twitter users discussed adapting the mustache movie drinking game for election night. In this drinking game, viewers stick a paper mustache on the TV screen and drink each time the mustache is in line with a person’s face – perhaps a more light-hearted drinking game to ease the tension as the results come in.


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