Dream’s ‘Face Reveal’ Plans: Everything They’ve Said


Dream’s ‘Face Reveal’ Plans: Everything They’ve Said

Dream, an anonymous YouTube celebrity, has hinted at a possible face reveal in the near future.

The internet superstar, who routinely broadcasts Minecraft gameplay videos, is known for hiding his identity behind a smiling face mask.

He started making videos in 2014 and has already amassed a healthy 23 million subscribers.

Fans began pleading with the 21-year-old to reveal his name when he passed the 20 million mark in March.

Dream appears to be open to doing a reveal after all, as he discussed his plans with fellow YouTuber Anthony Padilla in an interview.

One of the major drawbacks of wearing the mask, he informed Padilla, is that he can’t fully express himself or change his content style.

He explained, “I want to be able to do things that you can’t.” Let’s say you want to meet new folks. It limits what I can do, such as making TikToks or watching other types of stuff.”

He went on to describe how he wants to execute the revelation, which he wants to perform in front of friends and potentially even fans.

“I want to do it with my pals, or in some manner have my fans participate,” he said. “So I came up with the idea of having a meetup or some sort of event.”

Dream told RepublicWorld.com that he could reveal his true identity as early as 2022.

When asked about it by YouTuber Kavos, the streamer replied, “I’ve been planning.” I think I want to do it early next year, but that’s only if Corona is gone.”

Dream is frequently faced with claims of exposed identity online and the most recent incident is no exception.

The social media star reportedly clapped back at a tweet which claimed to share a photograph of him. The tweet came from a second account, widely believed by fans to belong to the star, with the handle @dreamhangout.

User @oomfed1 shared the image, writing: “#Dream_Out can we discuss how he catfished 20m people into believing he’s some cute ripped twink while he looks like this irl? (yes this is a picture of dream, yes he uses his brother as a body double for merch pics)”

The tweet received a host of responses from people. This is a brief summary.


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