Does the Baby Really Die At The End Of The Netflix Show? ‘Hellbound’ Ending Explained: Does the Baby Really Die At The End Of The Netflix Show?


Does the Baby Really Die At The End Of The Netflix Show? ‘Hellbound’ Ending Explained: Does the Baby Really Die At The End Of The Netflix Show?

Hellbound, Netflix’s latest Korean drama that was expected to follow in the footsteps of smash sensation Squid Game, has surpassed the global phenomenon’s top rating.

According to data from FlixPatrol, the thrilling new thriller was the world’s most watched Netflix television series on November 20.

Within 24 hours of its November 19 release, Hellbound topped the streaming ratings in 84 countries.

The absorbing new K-drama from Yeon Sang-ho, the creative filmmaker of Train to Busan, delivers a dizzying concoction of eerie images with a cinematic, fantasy/graphic novel-like feel, dark characters, and a startling climax.

Because of their “sinful” ways, people are arbitrarily sentenced to death and transferred to hell in the show’s futuristic world.

Whether a toddler or an adult, a ghostly figure known as “The Prophet Angel” enters unexpectedly and issues a ruthless “decree” to each victim, indicating the date and time the individual would die and be consigned to hell. Their death could happen in a matter of seconds or last several years.

When the deadline approaches, a “demonstration” occurs, in which a trio of colossal beast-like, dark beings appear out of nowhere to publicly execute the person, burn their corpses to ashes, and drag their spirits to hell.

According to Jeong Jin-soo (Korean actor Yoo Ah-in, known for Burning, #Alive, and other Korean films), the leader of The New Truth, a religious cult that later obtains control over the masses, these demonstrations are God’s way of warning people they “must become more virtuous.”

But what does Hellbound’s ending actually mean? The show’s ending is dissected in this article.

**WARNING: This article includes substantial Hellbound spoilers from this point forward.**

The New World Order Has Turned On Its Head

Following the first-ever televised demonstration, the New Truth rises to power virtually overnight. Several viewers practically kneel down to the doctrine presented by The New Truth after seeing the horrors of the first public death ritual.

The cult grows in popularity, and a terrifying new world order emerges under The New Truth’s rule, with its leaders becoming law unto themselves.

After several years, a new judgement has been issued, stating that all people who get a decree have been. This is a condensed version of the information.


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