Doctor Says People Begging For COVID Vaccine Before Being Intubated Are ‘Too Late’


Doctor Says People Begging For COVID Vaccine Before Being Intubated Are ‘Too Late’

Before performing intubation, a doctor in Alabama recounted in a Sunday Facebook post how she had to tell unvaccinated COVID-19 patients who beg for the vaccine that it is too late for the doses.

“I’m admitting young healthy folks to the hospital with very significant COVID infections,” wrote Dr. Brytney Cobia of Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham. They beg me for the vaccine one of the last things they do before being intubated. I take their hand in mine and apologize, but it’s too late.”

In an interview released on Monday, Dr. Cobia spoke with In it, she stated that only one of her COVID-19-related disease patients had been vaccinated. She stated that the patient required oxygen but is anticipated to fully recover.

Some of the unvaccinated, on the other hand, are dying, which is why she took to Facebook to tell her tale and encourage anyone who is afraid to receive the vaccine to do so.

“It was just tragedy after tragedy after catastrophe” for clinicians treating dangerously ill COVID-19 patients, Cobia told before the vaccine was available. She told the news organization more about the time before she performs intubation, which is a technique that involves inserting a tube down someone’s throat when they are unable to breathe on their own, and how desperate the patients are for the vaccine.

She explained that while she tries to believe that unvaccinated patients made their own decisions, she feels horrible for them when they are “face to face.” She also mentioned how misunderstanding about COVID and vaccines leads to people not always making the best options for themselves.

Since April, 94 percent of COVID hospital patients in Alabama have not been completely vaccinated, according to state officials. Since April, 96% of Alabamians who have died from COVID have been unvaccinated. COVID has claimed the lives of almost 11,400 people in Alabama, according to

Cobia also shared her experience alerting family members when someone died in a Facebook post. “When I call time of death a few days later, I hug their family members and. This is a condensed version of the information.


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