Denzel Washington House Fire Update as crews react to smoke rising from the actor’s L.A. estate.


Denzel Washington is safe after a team of firefighters was called to his home in Los Angeles.

Authorities were called to the actor’s home on Wednesday night when smoke rose from an upstairs window.

The Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed that they were called to a four-story mansion in Beverly Crest after 8:00 p.m.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said that no flames or active fire were detected by thermal imaging cameras in the 28,887 square foot building.

“The investigation is largely focused on one of several furnaces in the house, which may have been recently serviced,” the LAFD said in a news alert.

According to CBS Los Angeles, it was determined that the smoke came from one of several stoves in the mansion that may have been recently serviced. The stove was then turned off.

No injuries were reported, and all inmates were allowed back inside after 10:30 p.m. after the fire department inspection.

“There is no fire and everyone is safe and sound,” said Alan Neirob, Washington’s press officer, in a statement to the U.S. TODAY.

It is not known if the American gangster actor was present during the incident, but news of the fire spread through the social media, where fans shared their concern for Washington.

“According to reports, Denzel Washington’s house is on fire, but he is fine,” twittered a fan. “Finally the right time to use this poison.” Along with the famous reaction poison of the actor, who looks relieved.

According to reports, Denzel Washington’s house is in flames, but he is fine.

Finally the right time to use this poison.

– Justin L. Hunte ðºð¸ðºð¸ðºð¸ (@TheCompanyMan) November 12, 2020

While another person joked: “Denzel is trendy because a fire broke out in his house. Everything seems to be fine. But this is a good time to point out that Denzel Washington is the greatest living actor in America”.

Another joked: “I leave Twitter for 30 minutes and Denzel Washington’s house catches fire.

News of the Beverly Hill fire came as TV personality Rachael Ray reflected on the fire that destroyed her home in New York earlier this year.

“This year has been strange for all of us,” Ray wrote in the letter to the editor of the vacation edition of Rachael Ray In Season. “But the year 2020 has made me more aware than ever of how lucky I am.

“I am grateful to the first responders who saved my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to rebuild. I’m thankful that I had a place to stay when my world went up in flames, a place to take refuge, and that in a way I didn’t really understand before, I learned the difference between a house and a home,” she wrote, People said.


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