DaBaby’s refusal to pay $200 to children selling candy has sparked a flurry of memes.


DaBaby’s refusal to pay $200 to children selling candy has sparked a flurry of memes.

After a video of him refusing to pay $200 to youngsters selling candy went viral, DaBaby became famous.

After being caught buying candy from young kids who charged him a high fee, the rapper inspired a flood of memes and jokes, and became a trending topic on Twitter on Wednesday.

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, a performer from Charlotte, North Carolina, took to Instagram to post footage of two teenagers who said they were soliciting money for a benefit.

The footage shows the “Masterpiece” singer surprising the two boys as he leaps out of his van and asks one of them how much the entire box of skittles is worth.

This is a valuable lesson!! They believed they could make it. All they have to do now is get over it. pic.twitter.com/EU2CHtYyUA #DaBaby

July 13, 2021 — Mike Hill (@ItsMikeHill)

The rapper was taken aback when the child answered with a sum of $200.

He then asks the second boy how much his box costs, to which he similarly responds with $200.

“How much candy is in the box?” the rapper asks the kids, before giving them a math lesson. ”

“It ain’t even $200,” he concluded afterwards. It’s not even close to $100. It costs $68.”

Finally, DaBaby gave each of the youngsters $2 and wrote in his caption that the kids had “blown it,” but that they should “keep hustlin’.”

“You gotta use your head, you tried to play me,” the rapper says as he gets back into his car.

“I was going to bless you anyway,” he added. You were supposed to get $200, but instead you got $2. “Be safe, y’all.”

When the rapper returned inside, he joked that he, too, used to sell candy as a youngster and remarked, “C’mon guy, quit messing with me.”

The video has gone viral, with a slew of admirers mocking about the exchange on Twitter.

For the boys, $200 will get you some chocolate.

pic.twitter.com/FEnug3YaRh DaBaby: pic.twitter.com/FEnug3YaRh

— July 13, 2021, Mamba Out (@kcjj 04)

Meek Mill, DaBaby

Not assisting children who are attempting to generate money by selling items on the street. pic.twitter.com/VTIRGbpL2u

— Messi = Arguing with a brick wall 13 July 2021 (@ShadyCobainNV)

I like Dababy, but $200 for a box of candy seems a little excessive pic.twitter.com/ZgohIx3MGT

— Bummer. This is a condensed version of the information.


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