Create 13 unique cookies from around the world to celebrate World Cookie Day


Is there any better way to end the week than celebrating World Cookie Day? The holiday (which I observe and consider as such) takes place every year on December 4th, when these sweet treats are celebrated. Although classic cookies like the Chocolate Chip or Oreo may be the first cookies that come to mind, there are dozens of delicious desserts around the world that deserve just as much love (and consumption).

Loaded with jam, caramel, almonds and covered with powdered sugar, these cookies from all over the world find the nearest bakery and expand your horizons.

In Italy biscotti are also popular with tea or coffee. They can be plain or filled with almonds, chocolate chips, pistachios … or all three!

Today I made biscotti for the first time ever. So, so, so delicious

– Danielle (@daniellelane24) November 29, 2020

In China, a sweet treat to check out is the Chinese almond cookie. These crispy cookies have a strong almond content – made from almond flour, almond extract and almond slivers.

All the best for Chinese Almond Biscuit Day! Where did you eat your best Chinese Almond Biscuit? #Keks

– GeneralHotelRestSply (@GeneralHotel) April 9, 2013

Danish butter cookies are a Dutch holiday staple food. They are known to come in these blue tins (the ones your grandmother might keep sewing stuff in) and are baked with vanilla and almond flour.

In difficult times, Danish butter cookies are indisputably the answer…. #danish butter cookies

– Lothrek (@lothrek) October 31, 2020

In Finland, the Finnish windmills get their name because of their bizarre shape, in which a sugary plum filling is baked into.

Practiced Finnish joulutorttu (Christmas cake made of puff pastry with plum jam).

– Sarianna Sherwin (@SherwinSarianna) August 9, 2018

Cow pies are very popular in Malaysia and Singapore. These cookies, sometimes called pineapple cake, are crumbly and filled with homemade pineapple filling.

It is a must to cool this during the Raya Festival. My homemade cow cake. Cantikkan ??

– Yani Alawi (@yani_alawi) June 22, 2016

Contrary to what the name suggests, the cookies of the Italian rainbow flag are from New York. Each almond-based sponge cake base is separated by a slightly fruity spread (typically apricot or raspberry) and coated with chocolate icing.

italian rainbow cookie oreo #MyOreoCreation #contest

– Marty Hroncich (@MartyHroncich) May 9, 2017

Macaroons are very popular in France. These sandwich cookies are light and filled with ganache.

I gave a macaroon master class today! So proud of the students – just look at this picture:

– DoodleBob (@cordonblues09) November 27, 2020

Madeleines are another popular French pastry. They look like shells and need a special pan to bake them perfectly.

Our favorite dish is breakfast for dinner – so as a reward I bake

The Madeleine French Butter Biscuit

– maison d’ ami (@maison_e_ami) October 3, 2020

Mexican cinnamon cookies, also known as Reganadas, are traditionally offered on the Day of the Dead.

Mexican cinnamon sugar heart cookies

– NotSafeForWaistline (@NSFWaistline) January 26, 2015

Pizzelles are a classic Italian dessert during the holidays. These delicate cookies are covered with powdered sugar and look like snowflakes. They are made with an iron similar to the one used for waffles, but much thinner.

Pizza cookies….oh man, unbeatable!! Appear only once a year!

– Steven Lynch (@StevenLynch8) December 24, 2019

Raspberry-Linzer-Plätzchen are a traditional Austrian dish. They usually have a star, flower or heart shape (be it the shape of the cookie or the fruity filling).

Dear little Linzer cookies with raspberry jam

– alex guarnaschelli (@guarnaschelli) April 20, 2014

Shiroi Koibito, light cookies with white chocolate filling, are popular in Japan.

My first try at Shiroi Koibito

– nobody, really⁷ (@Mondkind_1095) 30 November 2020

In the Netherlands, Stroop wafers are sweet and sticky. These sandwich-like treats are filled with a caramel center.

A freshly prepared Stroop cube in Efteling, warm and delicious!

– Annet (@Annetvh) November 24, 2020


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