COVID kills a sheriff’s deputy who posted anti-vaccine content.


COVID kills a sheriff’s deputy who posted anti-vaccine content.

COVID claimed the life of a sheriff’s deputy in Denver, Colorado, who reposted anti-vaccine information on Facebook.

The Denver Sheriff Department said on Thursday that Daniel “Duke” Trujillo, 33, died on Wednesday evening from COVID complications. Trujillo was a former Marine who had recently been appointed vice-president of the Denver Sheriff Latino Organization after serving as a deputy sheriff for seven years.

According to the department, “we ask that you keep his family in your thoughts and prayers, and that you respect their privacy.” “We also request that you pray for our Department’s members.”

According to a GoFundMe page set up for his family, Trujillo is survived by his wife and three-year-old kid.

The fundraiser’s description read, “All who knew Daniel can describe him as a lighthearted, loving, hardworking man who sincerely loved about his family.” “He had such an impact on so many people’s lives, and he will be sorely missed.”

Trujillo has previously posted stuff on social media that looked to be against the COVID vaccine. “I have an immune system,” a popular theme among people shunning pandemic-era preventative measures, was written on a Facebook profile pic updated in early May.

Trujillo’s profile image in late April had a banner that stated, “I don’t care if you’ve got your vaccine.”

True story: Former Marine Denver Sheriff Deputy “Duke” uploaded anti-vaccine videos/pictures on Facebook.

He succumbs to #COVID19 as a result of his actions. He was only 33 years old at the time.

He’s the 2nd Denver Sheriff to die in 2 weeks. Please #vaccinate

(ht @RzstProgramming)

— Eric Feigl-Ding (@DrEricDing) May 28, 2021

Social media users circulated recordings of a TikTok video reportedly shared by Trujillo, in which an unidentified man promotes anti-vaccine rhetoric. The post could not be independently verified by Washington Newsday.

“You f***sticks are really out on social media going ‘Of course I went and got my vaccine! I did my research, I know what’s in it, you peasants,’” the man in the video said. “Oh buddy, you are the research.”

“Being a marine has taught me one thing: never be the first to volunteer,” he continued. “Y’all rushin’ out there standin’ in line to get the vaccine like folks rush out to get the new iPhone.”

“And if history has told us any new product that ever comes on the market is always full of. This is a brief summary.


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