Corona: AHA rules to be followed even after available vaccines.


Experts expect a corona vaccine in the coming year. However, this does not mean a quick return to normality. The AHA rules will be with us even longer.

Many people are hoping that vaccines against the novel corona virus SARS-CoV-2 will soon be available and then there will be a relaxation of protective measures to contain the pathogen. However, measures such as compulsory masks will probably still have to be observed even after a vaccine becomes available.

In the opinion of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), even with the introduction of a corona vaccine, everyday life in Germany must remain restricted for the time being – including mask wearing and spacing requirements. The RKI points this out in a strategy paper published on Tuesday.

Togetherness still only limited

According to the study, one or more vaccines will probably be available next year – and will significantly improve the fight against coronavirus. However, such a product will probably only be available in limited quantities at the beginning and will benefit risk groups in particular. Therefore, “certain modifications of being together” would continue to be important. The RKI understands this to mean, among other things, keeping distance, observing hygiene rules, wearing a mask, ventilation and moving leisure activities outside if possible.

Two months ago, a similar paper was published in which an earlier availability of a vaccine was considered possible. The RKI had withdrawn this paper a few hours later because it was an outdated version.

In the document now presented, the RKI formulates strategic goals: The focus is on minimizing the spread and health impact of the pandemic, while minimizing the impact on society and the economy.

“In dealing with Covid-19, we need temporally and regionally limited measures in the coming weeks and months that are adapted to the respective risk,” said RKI President Lothar Wieler. Overloading of the healthcare system, late effects of the disease and deaths should be avoided as far as possible, the paper states.

The RKI is also concerned with schools and daycare centers: previous findings clearly showed that “educational institutions are one of the places that play a role in the occurrence of infections”. Nevertheless, it is important to keep them open by adhering to hygiene concepts. With regard to travel, the RKI writes: “Increased mobility (professional or private travel) means increased risk. However, the risk does not primarily depend on the place of travel, but essentially on the behavior of the individual in an area with virus transmissions.

Everyday life remains restricted even with vaccines

The RKI advocates broad vaccination of risk groups in particular for influenza and pneumococcus. “Vaccines against other respiratory diseases will play a decisive role in pandemic control in the coming months, especially during the cold season”. This could protect people and ease the burden on the healthcare system. (ad; source: dpa)

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