Confectionery recall due to possible mold growth.


“In the course of internal quality assurance measures, it was determined that there was a defect in the production process in these batches, due to which the possibility of mold growth in the product cannot be excluded,” it says in the notification, which the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) published on its portal “”.

According to a recent announcement, the Josef Manner & Comp. AG from Vienna recalls the product “Manner Powidl Buttons 180g” with the minimum durability dates 6.5.2021 and 7.5.2021 and 8.5.2021.

The Josef Manner & Comp. AG from Vienna has started a recall for the product “Manner Powidl Buttons” in the 180 gram package. According to the company, the possibility of mould formation in the confectionery cannot be excluded.

Mould formation: Manufacturer recalls confectionery

Therefore, according to the company, the following products may not be suitable for consumption:

“Manner Powidl Buttons 180g”
Best before date 6.5.2021 and batch number L13450127 L and best before date 6.5.2021 and batch number L13450127 R and best before date 7.5.2021 and batch number L13450128 L and best before date 7. 5.2021 and batch number L13450128 R and expiration date 8.5.2021 and batch number L13450129 L and expiration date 8.5.2021 and batch number L13450129 R

Manner asks consumers who have purchased a product with the above-mentioned data to send it by post (with the sender’s address) to the Manner consumer service. The customers will receive a new product even without proof of purchase.

Mould formation cannot be excluded

The company points out that Manner Powidl buttons with a different best-before date or batch number are not affected and can continue to be consumed without hesitation like all other products from the Manner gingerbread assortment.

According to the BfR, the spread of the mould and its toxins is possible the faster the more liquid the food (for example compote, juice, soft peaches etc.). “Such infested food must be thrown away”.

Experts advise against consuming mouldy food. For example the Federal Institut for risk evaluation (BfR) writes in a folder to mold fungus poisons (Mykotoxinen) in food: “Already moldy food immediately dispose and no longer openly leave, because mold is “contagious”.

Some mold toxins can lead to health problems such as vomiting and diarrhea, but also to liver and kidney damage or suppress the body’s own defenses. (ad)

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