“Chicago Fire”, “Med”, “PD”: When the seasons begin and how to follow them online.


A Chicago (i.e., Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med) returns as part of the NBC Autumn Lineup. As always, they share one night (Wednesday), and the start date of all three seasons is the same. This year, however, there will be a change in the streaming homes of the three series, with One Chicago being shown online via a new service.

When will Chicago Fire, Med and PD start?

All of One Chicago’s broadcasts will begin on Wednesday, November 11 on NBC. The shows will air at the following times:

Chicago Med Season 6: 20:00 ET / 19:00 CT
Chicago Fire Season 9: 21.00 ET / 20.00 CT
Chicago PD Relay 8: 22.00 ET / 21.00 CT

The synopsis of the first episodes is

Chicago Med: “In the premiere of season 6, the entire staff of Chicago Med is preparing for the new normality of the pandemic”.
Chicago Fire: “In the season 9 premiere, Firehouse 51 welcomes a new member to the team, whose presence could lead to some complications”.
Chicago PD: “The team is responding to the shooting of a 5-year-old girl, and they have to work the case while facing new obstacles resulting from the increased attention to police reform. Premiere of Season 8”.

Although earlier seasons had between 20 and 24 episodes, this year’s episodes are expected to be shorter. According to production documents provided to SpoilerTV, the shows will have 15 episodes this year, which means that despite the late start, the seasons should end as usual in spring 2021.

How to watch Chicago Med, Fire and PD online

Currently, the previous seasons of Chicago Med and Chicago Fire are broadcast on IMDbTV, while PD can be seen on Amazon Prime Video. Hulu also has the final season of all three shows.

In July, it was announced that all three One Chicago Shows will come to Peacock, the streaming service of NBC Universal. Currently, the streamer has the final season of all three shows, and new episodes are expected to be added to the service alongside Hulu.

Currently, the previous seasons are all available on the free level of Peacock, but when the show adds all additional episodes from previous seasons, they are expected to be available as part of the premium level of the streamer.

Access to the premium level of Peacock costs $4.99 per month for a version with advertising and $9.99 per month without advertising. The service also offers a seven-day free trial that allows viewers to watch episodes of Chicago Fire, PD and Med when they come to Peacock.

The One Chicago series is broadcast Wednesdays from 20:00 ET / 19:00 CT on Peacock….


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