Celebrities react to the election victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


Many great celebrities have not shied away from supporting Joe Biden throughout his campaign, with Lady Gaga and John Legend making eagerly awaited appearances at his rallies – and superstars such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Reese Witherspoon and Kendall Jenner reporting on the Democrat’s election on their extensive social media sites.

After the Associated Press and major television stations announced on Saturday that Biden had won the 20 Pennsylvania Electoral College votes (officially making him the 46th President of the United States), celebrities immediately began tweeting their enthusiasm for him and his candidate Kamala Harris, who became the first black and the first South Asian woman to win the vice presidency.

Celebrities and long-time critics of President Donald Trump such as Cher, John Cusack and Mark Ruffalo flooded their Twitter sites with celebratory tweets and retweets as soon as the race was declared. Both Cher and Ruffalo had similar tweets and said they were “so happy” about the results.

Canât Believe It ,IM SO SO SO, SO,SO HAPPYð.
It would be easy to find horrible pictures and caricatures of
Trumps, but knowing Joe, he really means what he says about what he’s president for
EVERYðºð¸,& As tempting as it is

– Cher (@cher) November 7, 2020

We are sooo happy today. pic.twitter.com/GFcoYpmmJh

– Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) November 7, 2020

Actresses Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington – both of whom led the virtual Democratic National Convention earlier this year and both of whom campaigned for Biden – tweeted their congratulations to Biden and Harris.

Democracy has won!!! USA USA USA USA ðºð¸ðºð¸ðºð¸âð½âð½âð½ pic.twitter.com/5SjgGCDivz

– Eva Longoria Baston (@EvaLongoria) November 7, 2020

Our children have been watching us as a country. To see what we would decide. Division and hate or unity and LOVE. We have chosen correctly. LOVE will always trump hate! Unity, let us as Americans begin the healing! ðºð¸

– Eva Longoria Baston (@EvaLongoria) November 7, 2020

“Democracy has won!!!! USA USA USA USA”, Longoria tweeted along with a video from her TV screen where she declared Biden elected president. Later she added: “Our children saw us as one country… We voted correctly. LOVE will always trump hatred! Unity, let us as Americans begin the healing!

The people have spoken! Thank you to all who have made history with your voice and your voice. PRESIDENT Joe Biden and VICE PRESIDENT Kamala Harris pic.twitter.com/EdWQc5rpYD

– kerry washington (@kerrywashington) November 7, 2020

“The people have spoken!” Washington twittered just minutes after the call. “Thank you to all who have made history with your voice and your voice. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.”

Singer Lizzo shared an emotional video message on her instagram, whining that the election results had made her “hopeful”.

“I think this is the end of a four-year term that felt like a thousand years,” she said, “Whether you were blue or red, this man did not care about you.

“It is time to bring those responsible to justice,” Lizzo added. “It’s time they listened. And it’s time for us to actually change our policies and practices.”

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It is time to hold those responsible to account. It is time for them to listen. And it’s time for us to actually change our policies and practices.

A contribution by Lizzo (@lizzobeeating) on 7 November 2020 at 8:51 PST

Other celebrities emphasized the historic election of Harris, noting that this was an important moment for colored women everywhere.

“Actress Mindy Kaling tweeted actress Mindy Kaling, while Alyssa Milano, an ardent Trump critic, presented a photo of Harris titled “FOR EVERY LITTLE GIRL.

My daughter is crying and holding my daughter, âLook, baby, she looks like us.â pic.twitter.com/Gy4MAPoNjy

– Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) November 7, 2020

FOR EVERY SMALL GIRL. pic.twitter.com/6AomM3ieyb

– Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) November 7, 2020

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay, who created the Netflix hit When They See Us based on the Central Park Five case, ensured that Trump’s role in demonizing Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Korey Wise and Yusef Salaam was addressed and their execution called for. The five boys in Al


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