Card memos of the electoral college serve as invaluable printing aids for the voters.


The presidential elections are just around the corner, which means that a certain concern (to put it mildly) will focus on the electoral college. The electoral college will ultimately decide who wins the presidency, not the referendum. The system is over 200 years old, and according to the New York Times, “when voting, Americans vote for a list of voters appointed by their state’s political parties who have pledged to support that party’s candidate. To win, the presidential candidates need 270 of the 538 votes of the electoral college that are at stake.

Presidents can win the referendum but, for systemic reasons, still lose the presidency. This has been the case before, not until 2016, when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the plebiscite with almost three million votes, but lost the election vote to President Donald Trump.

Despite the fact that the electoral college can be seen as problematic for the determination of the President of the United States, the Internet reacted with memes about what the election card would look like if various factors were at stake. From basketball games to the lyrics of rappers, the Electoral College was redesigned.

In a viral tweet, sports and concert photographer Ryan Bowman compared the electoral college to college basketball and the March Madness tournaments. “The Electoral College, if it expands, any state that did not have a college basketball team wins against a 16 seeded as 1 seeded in March Madness,” they wrote. Every state except Virginia was blue, which is what the Virginia Cavaliers referred to.

the electoral college if biden wins all states that did not have a college basketball team lose to 16 bets as 1 bet in madness

– ryan bowman (@itsryanbowman) November 3, 2020

Another person created a map of the electoral college based on the football teams that have lost to Kansas in football since 2016.

The Electoral College if Biden wins only those states that have a soccer team that has lost to Kansas since 2016.

– Joe Buettner (@ByJoe Buettner) November 3, 2020

“This is what the electoral college’s map would look like if Trump only won in states that missed a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl,” wrote someone else.

This is what the quorum map would look like if Trump only won in states that lost a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl.

– Evan Saacks (@evansaacks) November 3, 2020

Other people on Twitter thought about maps broken down by song lyrics. “The card when Biden wins every place referred to in the 3rd verse of Beez in the Trap by Nicki Minaj,” one wrote.

The card when Biden wins each place referred to in the 3rd verse of Beez in the Trap by Nicki Minaj

– ð¨ð¼âð”. (@kingshitbby) November 3, 2020

This card re-presented the voting card when Biden won “every state that contains the primaries” where Ludacris claimed he had, mistakenly, girlfriends.

a ballot card if Biden wins every state containing primaries where Ludacris claimed to have hookers

– Pumpkin spice 1 (@toriimacdaddy) November 3, 2020

One tweet was about UConn’s basketball records for men and women. “This is what the electoral college would look like if Joe Biden only won states that had won both the ncaa men’s and women’s national basketball championships in the same season,” the tweet said.

this is what the quorum would look like if joe biden won only states that won both the ncaa men’s and ncaa women’s national basketball teams in the same season

– UConn: It comes (@NoEscalators) November 3, 2020

A particularly devastating card was aimed at the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and the former Democratic presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg. “the electoral college if Joe Biden wins every state that Pete Buttigieg didn’t win,” the caption on a card filled with blue states for Biden said.

the electoral college, if Joe Biden wins each state Pete Buttigieg did not win

– Aidan King (@AidanKingVT) November 3, 2020.


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