‘Can’t Ever Catch a F***ing Break,’ says Vinnie Hacker in response to racial slurs.


‘Can’t Ever Catch a F***ing Break,’ says Vinnie Hacker in response to racial slurs.

On Wednesday night, TikTok star Vinnie Hacker was forced to defend himself, dismissing claims of using racist language online.

The social media sensation, who has 10.7 million TikTok followers, came to Twitter to refute reports that he used the N-word during a gaming session on Twitch.

In response to a now-deleted tweet, Hacker said that in the film that was uploaded online, he was thanking a subscriber named Nikki, as he wrote: “that was me thanking for a sub and I stated the name fast bro? ”

In an attempt to refute the accusations leveled against him, Hacker then posted a video of the incident in issue.

“So there’s a video of vinnie allegedly shouting the n word floating around, but he didn’t,” the caption read. “Uhh nikki thank you for the sub,” Hacker is reported to have said in a transcription.

On his 19th birthday, Hacker added, he was defending himself against the allegations.

“I can’t ever catch a f****** break,” he tweeted, expressing his dissatisfaction. Every f****** week, something new. Shut up when you say, ‘just ignore it.’ Please, for the love of God, just shut up and let me live my life. It’s starting to f****** feel like it every time someone says, ‘But it’s not everyone who is against you.’

“today. Today, of all days, is the best. and every time you’re proven to be incorrect. In a subsequent tweet, he added, “f*** everything.”

Following his rage, he tweeted, “sorry y’all, im really exhausted and let my emotions get the best of me and forgot I was a f****** baller so everyone (that is annoying as s”) can respectfully.”

also…. pic.twitter.com/YKGVRUn2Vg

15 July 2021 — Vinnie (@Vinniehacker)

Hacker received an outpouring of support from some admirers after explaining himself to his more than 572,000 Twitter followers, however some detractors continued to accuse him of being “racist.”

He had announced earlier in the evening to his Twitter followers that he would be presenting a livestream at 10 p.m. “Thank everyone of you for coming in today! ik it was short but it was super fun!” PST wrote after the session ended.


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