Blood of Zeus on Netflix: How the end of season 2 begins.


Blood of Zeus may have just been released on Netflix, but many anime fans have already made it to the end of the series and seen it introduce an even more dramatic Season 2, where the giants were treated, but Ancient Greece is far from certain.

How the end of “Blood of Zeus” introduces the second season

WARNING: The following are important spoilers for Blood of Zeus on Netflix.

The end of Blood of Zeus revolved around three major spoilers that should have a major impact when there is a season 2 of the Netflix anime: Seraphim (voiced by Elias Toufexis), Hera (Claudia Christian) and Zeus (Jason O’Mara).

In the series, Heron (Derek Phillips) is hired by his father Zeus to procure a cauldron that can absorb the giant’s energy so that its user can control it and thus end the long-running battles between the gods and giants.

Heron succeeds in this task, although Hera tries to get the boiler for herself. However, he is forced to kill Seraphim in the process after trying to use the power of the Cauldron to get Heron to rule at his side.

This does not mean, however, that Seraphim will not return for season 2. In fact, it’s possible that he will be set up as the next big villain of the series after he has made an agreement with Hades (Fred Tatasciore) after the end of “Blood of Zeus” in the Underworld, which will probably allow Seraphim to return to Earth with some new powers – as with most deals with Hades in Greek mythology, these are probably connected with some big catches, as already seen in his bloodthirsty scream at the end of the finale.

Meanwhile, Hera and Zeus face two related deaths. Since Hera has no control over the cauldron, the giants begin to attack her, causing her husband Zeus to sacrifice himself to give her time to escape. It is believed that Hera is also dead as a result of the attack, but since we cannot see her body, it is conceivable that she is still alive and is biding her time before she can take her next step.

Of course, both Zeus and Hera, as well as gods, so just because they seem to be dead doesn’t mean that they can’t return in the second season of Blood of Zeus. But until they do, a power vacuum has opened up on Olympus. One way this could be filled is by Heron, who we learn in the finale that he has inherited some of his father’s powers.

This could be an interesting direction for the second season, in which Heron would try to control the gods of Olympus and possibly be part of a fight against his father and stepmother if and when they want to return and regain power.

All this depends, of course, on whether the blood of Zeus is renewed for season 2.

At the moment, Netflix hasn’t renewed the series, and it’s unlikely that we know if the series will return for a few months. However, other Netflix animations like Castlevania have been aired for several seasons, which could be a good omen for this new series if it can get enough viewers. Since it is currently number three on the Netflix TV charts in the U.S., this could be a good sign that the series will return for season 2.

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