Black Friday Streaming Deals: How to Save on Disney+, Amazon, and Other Services


Black Friday Streaming Deals: How to Save on Disney+, Amazon, and Other Services

Black Friday is the time of year when shops unveil some of their finest deals, and streaming providers have opted to participate as well.

Several video platforms, ranging from Amazon Prime Video to Disney+, have offered special discounts for the day.

The Washington Newsday explains which bargains are available and how to apply for them in this article.

This Black Friday, Disney+Disney+ is offering a deal that will give users six months of service for free.

The offer is through Amazon Music Unlimited, which is offering Disney+ for free for 6 months to new subscribers who sign up for the subscription.

Amazon Music Limited has a $7.99 subscription for Prime members and a $9.99 subscription for non-Prime users.

Those with a Prime student subscription can sign up for Amazon Music Limited for $0.99 per month, which includes free Disney+ access.

If you cancel your Amazon Music Limited subscription within the first six months, you will lose your free Disney+ membership.

Hulu is another amazing Disney+ Black Friday deal. Users who sign up for Hulu’s $0.99-per-month membership can also pre-pay for a year of Disney+ for $79.99, making the total cost of both subscriptions $7.65 per month.

Amazon Video (Amazon Prime Video)

Although Amazon Prime Video will not be giving any discounts on its own membership this Black Friday, customers will be able to save on multiple channel subscriptions.

Prime members can add up to 16 channels to their account for $0.99 each for two months until November 29.

A&E Crime Central; AllBlk; AMC+; Britbox; Discovery+ Ad-Supported; EPIX; Lifetime Movie Club; Motortrend; Noggin; Paramount+ Premium; PBS Documentaries; PBS Kids; Ryan and Friends Plus; Showtime; STARZ; and UP Faith & Family are all eligible for this price.

If you’re a new Prime Video member, you can take advantage of this offer during your 30-day free trial.


In addition to their Disney+ promotion, Hulu is offering new customers a year of access for $0.99 per month (rather than the typical $6.99).

AMC+AMC+ has a number of deals available through Amazon Prime Video channels, including the $0.99 for two months access noted earlier.

Those who want to keep AMC+ for a longer period of time can pay for a full year of service at a discounted rate of. This is a condensed version of the information.


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