Beyoncé officially supports Joe Biden in Instagram Post: Come through, Texas! #VOTE’…


Beyoncé has given her official presidential support for the 2020 elections. In an Instagram post split Monday, the superstar actress rocked a face mask with the “Biden Harris” logo, signaling her support for Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his vice presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris.

Beyoncé also put on her wide-brimmed hat, which had a sticker that read “I VOTED” on it.

In the caption, the Houston-born senator encouraged the people of her home state to vote on election day. “Come on through, Texas! #VOTE,” wrote the singer.

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Come through, Texas! ~ VOTE ð

A joint contribution by BeyonceÌ (@beyonce) on November 2, 2020 at 9:55 PST

Beyoncé’s support for Biden should come as no surprise. The mother of three children was a strong supporter of President Barack Obama and his administration, during which Biden served two terms as vice president, from 2008 to 2016. Beyoncé appeared at Obama’s inauguration ball in January 2009 and later sang the national anthem at Obama’s second inauguration in 2013.

After months of marches on racial injustice and police brutality, the 39-year-old “Black Parade” singer called on fans to continue to make themselves heard and exercise their right to vote, while in June she dedicated her BET Award for Humanitarian Aid to the protesters.

“I want to dedicate this award to all my brothers out there, all my sisters out there who inspire me, who march and fight for change. Your voices will be heard and you will prove to our ancestors that our struggles have not been in vain. Now we have one more thing to do to walk in our true power, and that is to vote,” Beyoncé said. “I encourage you to continue to be active, to continue to change and to dismantle a racist and unequal system. We must continue to do this together. Keep fighting for each other and picking up on each other, because there are people who trust that we will stay at home throughout the country during local elections and state primaries.

She added: “We have to vote as if our lives depend on it, because they do. So please continue to be the change you want to see”.

@Beyonce’s acceptance speech for her ‘BET Humanitarian Award’ #BETAwards

РBeyonc̩ chart data (@yoncechart) June 29, 2020

Beyoncé joins the long list of celebrities who have officially elected Biden as president.

In October, Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez gave their approval when they appeared in a campaign video with Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden. “We are thrilled and look forward to the vote. I think our vote has never been more important than it is now,” Rodriguez said in the video.

Lopez struck out, saying she hoped a Biden administration could bring U.S. citizens together.

“For me, it is the reunification of the nation. To get rid of this hatred, to think of my children walking around in a world where you know it’s okay to be racist or biased because our government says it’s okay,” Lopez said. “It’s really sad for me because it’s not the country I grew up in.

Billie Eilish, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Cardi B, Tracee Ellis Ross, Bruce Springsteen, Howard Stern, Larry David, Mark Cuban, Jon Stewart, Billie Jean King, John Legend and Barbara Streisand are just a few of the many celebrities who encouraged Americans to vote for Biden.


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