Best election day memories from the rest of the world.


While the Americans vote on election day, the rest of the world is watching with bated breath, waiting to see who the United States will elect as its next president.

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have been campaigning for months in a tense pre-election period, and while the US can influence today’s decision by going out and voting, everyone else can just watch.

Some international Twitter users have celebrated Election Day and exchanged memes summarizing the experience of watching from a distance, with many suspecting that the rest of the world is praying that the U.S. will not make the wrong decision, while others feel that they are simply watching a car accident.

One Twitter user shared a meme from The Simpsons in which Homer wears a red “Make America Great Again” cap on which he thinks about which button to push, representing the U.S., while his colleagues watch from the doorway and say, “Get ready, everybody. They’re about to do something stupid,” on behalf of the rest of the world, who are worried that the US will re-elect Trump.

It’s true#election day

– O Ricardo ð (@_nigerundayo__) November 3, 2020

Twitter user Mark Nunn summarized the good news from the rest of the world as they watch the stressful and potentially chaotic situation in the US from a distance on election day.

Nunn shared a GIF of Leslie Nielsen as Dr. Rumack in the movie Airplane! As he says: “I just want to wish you all the best of luck. We are all counting on you”, from a scene in which the pilot, bathed in sweat, tries to prevent the plane from crashing on the runway while desperate people in the airport try to find the right gate, which keeps changing as the plane gets out of control.

Dear America,

I just want to say “good luck” to all of you, we are all counting on you.


– Mark Nunn (@M4rkNunn) November 2, 2020

another user said: “When I say the world is watching… Please America is breaking up in the United Kingdom”. The phrase “Please America” had more than 37,000 tweets when this tweet was sent because it was trendy in the UK along with #VoteHimOut and #4MoreYears.

When I say the world is watching… please America in trend in Great Britain

– caffè âï¸ (@MileyOwnsMySoul) November 3, 2020

A Twitter user named “Meanwhile in Canada” shared a photo of a pumpkin carved to look like Trump and said “Dear America, what is orange and hollow and should be thrown away in early November” using the hashtags #GlobalEmbarrassment and #SeriouslyWTF.

Dear America,
What is orange and hollow and should be thrown out in early November?#Election2020 #GlobalEmbarrassment #SeriouslyWTF

– Meanwhile in Canada (@MeanwhileinCana) November 3, 2020

Twitter user Wilfre posted the widely distributed “Damn b****, you live like this?” memo by Max and Roxanne from The Goofy Movie, but asked: “Damn USA, this is how you vote?” as they stand in a dirty, messy room. Wilfre subtitled his tweet: “The rest of the world looks at the USA.

the rest of the world looks at

– wilfre (@Wilfreyy) November 2, 2020

Although only the USA can decide on the outcome of this election, it is clear that the whole world is watching – even if it happens behind their hands.


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