Back pain and tension: The right sleeping position relieves pain.


The right sleeping position can relieve certain pains, the wrong one can make them worse. For example, it makes a difference whether you stretch your legs in the side position or curl up like an embryo.

Although most people have their favorite position when it comes to sleeping, not every position is optimal for physical recovery. The sleeping position not only has a great influence on sleep itself, but also on health.

It is no secret: How you sleep has a great influence on how you feel. The sleeping position also plays an important role.

Neck and spine are relieved

Who has back pain or spannings, it should try to fall asleep in back position with laterally put on arms, recommends Bernhard Dickreiter, leading specialist for physical therapy and Reha medicine at the joint clinic Gundelfingen.

According to the rehab physician, this position comes close to the S-shape of the spine, the body weight is evenly distributed. The effect: neck and spine are relieved.

The lateral position is also good. Here there are several subtleties to consider: If you bend your knees only slightly, you stretch your spine as well as the muscles on your front thighs and calves. If you sit in an office chair every day, this can counteract possible shortening.

In the case of chronic back pain, however, Dickreiter advises to lie down sideways with a bent back. This embryonic position – with bent arms and legs – can provide relief because the intervertebral joints are opened and relieved.

In general, people often change their position several times during sleep anyway, without noticing. And that is a good thing, as the physician explains: It strengthens the muscles and relieves the intervertebral discs. (ad; source: dpa/tmn)

Rather straining for the back is the prone position, in which the neck is also often tense. It is not always an advantage, says Dickreiter. But anyone who likes to sleep like that doesn’t have to worry. “You don’t kill yourself if you sleep on your stomach.

This sleeping position helps with tension
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