Back Battling Snakes in Yard: Florida Man Who Trapped Alligator in Trash Can


Back Battling Snakes in Yard: Florida Man Who Trapped Alligator in Trash Can

A Florida man who went viral after successfully catching a big hissing alligator inside a garbage can is back in action, this time killing a reptile intruder.

Eugene Bozzi, a 36-year-old army veteran from Philadelphia, was hailed as a hero earlier this month after he was seen capturing a six-foot gator outside his Orange County house with a rubbish bucket.

A video of his brilliant catch of the potentially lethal reptile has been viewed over 4.5 million times on Twitter and 170,000 times on Bozzi’s official Instagram account.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was among those who praised Bozzi’s efforts, noting that his Italian surname enabled him to accomplish the accomplishment.

The Philadelphia native then admitted to the broadcaster that he got the idea after seeing several Animal Planet shows.

Now, a fresh video of Bozzi in action has surfaced. The only difference is that there isn’t a garbage can in sight this time, and his reptile nemesis is a huge snake instead of an alligator.

Bozzi can be seen carefully bringing the lizard out from the yard outside what looks to be his home in a video posted to Instagram, using a blanket to cage the critter and prevent any bites.

The novice reptile handler is holding a broom in his hand, which he appears to have used to guide the snake into the aforementioned blanket.

He writes, “Damn snakes in the home and grass LOL.”

He is seen in the video bringing the snake away from a lighted section of the street near his house and into a darker location away from the lamps.

The video has over 5,000 interactions on Instagram at the time of writing, with admirers rushing to the video’s comments area to discuss Bozzi’s latest animal escapades.

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