Bachelorette’ spoiler: Tayshia Adams’ season looks very similar to Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’.


If you thought you were fed up with Clare Crawley and Dale Moss, you might want to think again. The Bachelorette season ahead of us looks rocky, and they may be the closest thing to true love that the Bachelor Nation will see this season.

Tayshia Adams will take on the role of Bachelorette, and her season is disgustingly similar to Peter Weber’s Bachelor Season, which aired in early 2020. We only hope that Adams is a little better able to make decisions than her predecessor.

Spoilers for Adams’ season were reported by Reality Steve on Wednesday, and they imply that her top candidate will leave the show. This is exactly what happened with Weber and Madison Prewett. While Prewett decided to leave the show, Weber remained engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss. After the show, however, Weber broke off the engagement and met with Prewett again… for about three days. Now he is happily together with another woman from his season: Kelley Flanagan.

Adams doesn’t seem to be so indecisive, but there are similarities that cannot be ignored. After her supposed top candidate has left the show in the fourth final, Adams is expected to continue with the process. She decides on a second final and gives her final rose out, although Adams is not engaged, spoilers say.

As for their relationship now, there are more questions than answers. The Bachelor Nation will look for signs of a happy ending in the social media – just like Weber.

That’s why we are urging viewers to put aside their complaints about Crawley, just for Thursday night. Although their season has been uncomfortable in many ways, this season of The Bachelorette is probably the closest Crawley and Moss have come to a story about “true love. Yes, Moss and Crawley’s story was a little exhausting, considering it was the only major plot point in three two-hour episodes. But Bachelor Nation might actually miss the clarity that comes with such an obvious connection.

If Adams’ season really is anything like Weber’s Bachelor, we’ll probably see even more Bachelorette burnout than when Crawley was handing out roses. But that remains to be seen for now.

Due to the election, The Bachelorette will be broadcast on ABC on Thursday evening at 20:00 ET. On Tuesday it will return to its normal broadcast schedule so viewers won’t have to wait too long when ABC throws them a crazy cliffhanger….


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