Attorneys for Ghislaine Maxwell claim she was maligned by the media because of her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.


Attorneys for Ghislaine Maxwell claim she was maligned by the media because of her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

In a court declaration, Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers claimed that she has been “demonized” by “pervasive, hostile, and severe” journalistic coverage.

Jeffrey Epstein’s former partner, the British socialite, is accused of grooming teenage females for him to abuse.

The United States District Court is ready to choose a jury, but Maxwell’s legal team has requested anonymity due to “strong unfavorable media publicity.”

They suggested that finding jurors who haven’t made up their minds about her will necessitate an extraordinarily meticulous selection process.

And, according to a court file obtained by The Washington Newsday, any press coverage of jury comments could influence future candidates’ responses.

The legal team for Maxwell wrote: “Ms. Maxwell has been tried, convicted, and condemned in the court of public opinion without a question and without any valid evidence.

“Unsworn ‘jurors’ are likely to believe a sentence has already been imposed based on widespread reportage of her exceptional and unpleasant pretrial confinement conditions.”

“The impact of such recurring reportage regarding Epstein has had an immeasurable spillover effect that has irrevocably soiled Ms. Maxwell and greatly harmed her ability to get a fair trial by an impartial jury,” the petition continued.

Her lawyers was concerned that the high-profile New York trials of Harvey Weinstein and R. Kelly, as well as former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation over allegations of sexual misconduct, had created a combustible environment for jurors.

“The fact that a woman is currently on trial for allegations virtually entirely alleged against men heightens the attention and intrigue of this case,” according to the brief.

It went on to say: “Ms. Maxwell has been stigmatized in the press as a result of the widespread, caustic, and excessive negative publicity. While the Court has the authority to protect Ms. Maxwell from public contempt, it can use its supervisory powers and judgment to set processes aimed at obtaining an open-minded jury sworn to return a decision solely on the evidence given at trial.” A Google search for “Ghislaine Maxwell” yielded “approximately 4,590,000 results,” while a search for “Jeffrey Epstein” yielded “about 25,800,000 results,” according to the lawyers. The following was taken from the filing: “Ms. Maxwell and Epstein have received extensive negative media publicity, most notably in the. This is a condensed version of the information.


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