At the Billboard Music Awards, Drake’s son Adonis dazzles the audience.


At the Billboard Music Awards, Drake’s son Adonis dazzles the audience.

When Drake brought his son Adonis Graham out on stage to accept the Artist of the Decade award at the Billboard Music Awards, fans were stunned.

The 34-year-old Canadian rapper was beaming from ear to ear as he walked on stage on Sunday night, holding his three-year-old son’s hand.

After a reel highlighting his greatest successes, including a record 232 Billboard chart entries and 45 top 10 chart slots, the “God’s Plan” hitmaker took the stage. He was also the first artist to debut in the Hot 100’s top three slots in the same week.

Drake gave the award to his collaborators, colleagues, family, and finally his son, who held the trophy the entire time he spoke.

Although Drake, who also received the Top Streaming Song Artist award, had a big night, it was his son who stole the show and was the subject of hundreds of tweets on social media.

“Ok Adonis, you’re cute #DrakeDecade,” tweeted Twitter user @erintaylor84.

@SandraJO_ wrote, “NO he didn’t carry ADONIS I CANNOT EVEN #BillboardMusicAwards #DrakeDecade.”

“Drake must have a shot of Adonis keeping the artist of the decade award as his next album artwork #DrakeDecade #BBMAs #BBMAs2021,” another user, @PrviseBlvck, said.

“Let’s talk about Adonis’ adorableness!!! @BLM 004 said, “#DrakeDecade #BBMAs.”

#DrakeDecade #[email protected] ARTIST. OF. THE. DECADE.

— May 24, 2021, Billboard Music Awards (@BBMAs)

“Congratulations to Drake on a well-deserved award and accomplishment!” said @sassygirlcanada. Adonis is beyond adorable! #BBMAs #DrakeDecade #BBMAs2021.”

“#DrakeDecade he brought out Adonis ITS SO CUTE AND ADORABLE !!!! Father Drake is so sexy!!! #BBMAs2021,” @dig_jettsetter tweeted.

Fans also joked that they would deal with whoever made Adonis cry, after he erupted into tears at the end of his father’s speech.

The occasion proved to be an important one for Drake as he became candid about his struggle with accepting success as part of his winning speech.

“The truth is, I’m bad at taking compliments,” Drake admitted. “I’m really self-conscious about my music. Even if I do a good job, I always wonder how I could have done it better. I rarely celebrate anything.”

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