At 4 a.m., a woman was caught on security camera angrily pounding on her neighbor’s door.


At 4 a.m., a woman was caught on security camera angrily pounding on her neighbor’s door.

The terrifying moment an angry woman began repeatedly hammering on the front door of her upstairs neighbor’s apartment has been caught on camera.

Mikki Shae, a 24-year-old stylist from Orange, California, uploaded the video to TikTok with the handle mikki.shae. A woman can be seen clawing and beating at Shae’s door with what looks to be a gym weight in the footage.

The footage was captured on a Ring door security camera, and is alleged to have taken place at 4AM. It has been viewed more than 2.4 million times on social media.

The woman can be seen in the footage pounding on the door with the object. She begins to walk away, only to return and scratch the area around the camera before swinging the thing at the door once more.

She follows that up by banging at the side of the door several times, before pausing to listen for a response. The woman is seen holding a mobile phone during the incident.

She continues scratching at the camera again after a few seconds of waiting for a reaction, before striking the door once again, hesitating for a few moments, and finally walking away. The doorbell chime can be heard for the majority of the video.

You may watch the video here.


😂😂😂 She’s mad I ignored her. She went downstairs slammed the door and started yelling. I love my ring Tf #crazy #crazyass #ringdoorbellclips

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According to a caption accompanying the clip, Shae says that all she did was “shut the sliding door” and “flush the toilet.”

Shae then went upstairs to confront the woman, resulting in the security camera footage. The original poster says that after the video finished, the woman “went downstairs, slammed the door and started yelling.”

Shae then proceeded upstairs to confront the woman, which was captured on security camera. The woman “went downstairs, slammed the door, and started yelling” once the video ended, according to the original poster.

Shae has refuted any suggestion of wrongdoing, explaining that the social gatherings in her apartment that have drawn the complaints amounted to little more than her and a maximum of two friends chatting, dancing and listening to music at a reasonable volume.


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