Asthma and reflux often occur together.


Asthma and reflux can occur together in both children and adults and in fact about half of the children with asthma also have gastroesophageal reflux, Mayo Clinic said. Here a treatment of the Reflux could contribute also to the relief of the asthma symptoms.

Whether there is a connection between the development of asthma and reflux remains unclear. “But we do know that reflux asthma and asthma can aggravate reflux,” reports the Mayo Clinic (USA) in a recent announcement. And both symptoms occur relatively often together, which should be taken into account accordingly during treatment.

Both asthma and gastroesophageal reflux (characterized by heartburn) are common conditions that at first glance appear to be unrelated. However, both diseases often occur together and they can be mutually reinforcing.

Treatment of reflux is recommended

Often the reflux can be alleviated by over-the-counter medicines such as proton pump inhibitors and also a avoidance of the reflux triggers such as fatty foods, alcohol and tobacco can help against the occurrence. If this is not enough, prescription drugs may be necessary, explain the experts of the Mayo Clinic

However, drugs sometimes do not work as well in alleviating the symptoms of the disease when asthma and reflux occur together, according to the Mayo Clinic. Also, in some cases, asthma medications can exacerbate reflux and heartburn, especially theophylline.

However, the experts warn that the intake of asthma medication should not be stopped or the medication changed arbitrarily in heartburn. This must be clarified by a doctor beforehand. “If you have asthma and think that you are suffering from reflux, talk to your doctor about the best treatment”, the clinic advised.

After medical consultation, especially against reflux can often be done well on their own initiative, although various home remedies against heartburn such as chamomile tea, gruel, potato juice or healing clay are definitely worth trying.

Eight helpful Tipps against Sodbrennen summarized besides the Gastroenterologin Professorin Dr. Jacqueline wolf of the Harvard Medical School, under it for example slow meal, a renouncement of carbonic acid and sleeping in easily upright position. With success not only a decay of the Reflux, but also an easing of the asthma symptoms can be hoped for. (fp)

Connection between asthma and reflux?
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