As the vaccine mandate takes effect, France may suspend up to 300,000 health-care workers.


As the vaccine mandate takes effect, France may suspend up to 300,000 health-care workers.

According to the Associated Press, France’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which begins Wednesday, could result in the suspension of up to 300,000 health-care employees.

In France, all medical, home care, and emergency professionals must be vaccinated against COVID-19, with the deadline for receiving at least one shot set for Wednesday. Unvaccinated workers may be barred from working or have their pay withheld, but they cannot be fired, according to a high court ruling.

According to government officials, more over 90% of France’s health-care employees are vaccinated, leaving roughly 300,000 unvaccinated. According to polls, the majority of people support mandating vaccines for medical personnel.

“It’s only about one thing: protecting hospitals, health-care personnel, and our vulnerable populations,” said government spokesperson Gabriel Attal. “No one is being stigmatized. We are putting pressure on everyone to take responsibility.”

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The mandate was authorized by the French parliament last summer to safeguard patients and the general public from further COVID-19 outbreaks. In France, more than 113,000 people have died from the virus, with health officials claiming that the majority of those hospitalized during the most recent outbreak were not vaccinated.

While 83 percent of French individuals are completely vaccinated, a vociferous minority of people, including some health-care employees, oppose coronavirus vaccines.

Many people cite online misinformation about vaccines, are concerned about long-term impacts, or want more time to make a decision. Others are upset with President Emmanuel Macron’s administration and the mandate, rather than the vaccines themselves.

Because some hospitals are already overburdened after a year and a half of fighting the epidemic and catching up on other treatments, opponents of the vaccine requirement worry that staff shortages will be disastrous.

“We’re sounding the alarm…

At a protest outside the Health Ministry on Tuesday, Christophe Prudhomme, an emergency department doctor and member of the CGT union, stated, “If you persist on executing this measure, your beds will be blocked, diminishing the odds (of survival) for a number of patients.”

If health-care personnel have only received one dose, they must take a virus test every three days until the second one is completed. Both immunizations must be completed by October 15 to meet the legal requirement.

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