As her boyfriend deletes her Instagram account for sharing a video of him and her son, the internet warns her.


As her boyfriend deletes her Instagram account for sharing a video of him and her son, the internet warns her.

After her boyfriend canceled her Instagram account after she published a photo of him and her child, a lady took to Reddit to express her concern—and the internet is quite suspicious.

She began by stating that she met her 28-year-old spouse “Adam” 15 months ago when she posted to the discussion-based site on November 24 under the user handle Insta 344245.

“He lives in another town but visits twice a month,” the woman, 32, added. Whenever I suggested that he move in with me or vice versa, he would answer, “I have my reasons to consider it.” He adores her 3-year-old son, she continued, and “says he’s serious about me and wants me and my son to join his family.” The problem emerged, though, when she recorded Adam helping her toddler try on shoes.

“When he saw the video on my Instagram account, he went nuts and started contacting me nonstop,” she continued.

“I picked up the phone for him to tell me I made a mistake and that I should never have shared any videos or photographs of him without first speaking with him, and I ended up deleting my entire Instagram account because he knows the password.”

The Redditor went on to say that she “lashed out” because she was shocked, telling “him he should have have erased my entire active account instead of giving me the choice to take the video down immediately.”

“I shouldn’t have lashed out, and I can’t blame him for attempting to address my breach of privacy and boundary crossing,” he said after she recalled their disagreement.

“He claimed it was all my responsibility, that he never provided permission for the video, despite the fact that he was aware I was filming him.”

She closed the message by asking if she was correct, and then explained that her boyfriend now wanted her to apologize.

The post has received a lot of attention online, with over 10,300 upvotes and nearly 1,800 comments.

Many others suspected Adam was hiding a second relationship or family, like ForwardPlenty, who wrote: “He was worried his wife would notice it.” That doesn’t sound like a typical reaction.” This was seconded by Hellkitty866. This is a condensed version of the information.


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