Amy Schneider Qualifies for the ‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament, and Ken Jennings praises her.


Amy Schneider Qualifies for the ‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament, and Ken Jennings praises her.

Ken Jennings is one of many Jeopardy! fans that is amazed by current champion Amy Schneider as her winning run continues.

The California-based engineering manager won her sixth consecutive game on Wednesday night’s episode of the show, bringing her total earnings to $207,800.

Following her sixth win, the Ohio native earned a spot in next year’s Tournament of Champions, prompting current host Jennings to predict that the spin-off competition will be “an all-timer.”

After Schneider’s fifth episode, Jennings took to Twitter to comment to the official Jeopardy! account’s post on her success, writing: “This season has been a whirlwind. ANOTHER great contender for the Tournament of Champions, which is shaping up to be an all-timer.” Given his status as the best Jeopardy! contestant of all time with 74 wins, Jennings’ designation as a “strong contender” is high praise.

Matt Amodio dominated the competition over the summer and into the fall, amassing the show’s second-longest victory streak, with 38 games in total, surpassing 2019 competitor James Holzhauer’s 32 victories.

Jonathan Fisher, a Yale Ph.D. candidate who went on to win 11 games and qualify for the Tournament of Champions, eventually defeated Yale Ph.D. candidate Amodio. Schneider dethroned Andrew He, the five-time champion, in her first episode.

Schneider wrote about her experience on the show in an editorial for The Washington Newsday: “Ken Jennings was really complimentary, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of my interactions with him. He’s been a fantastic host, and he was just talking to us about the Final Jeopardy! when I won my fifth game. He doesn’t have a clue, as he normally does.

“He’s a trivia buff who enjoys discussing why we chose the answers we did. He always tells you how he did as well. I assume he watches how long it takes him to figure out the hints during the game. But he was ecstatic about my victory.” “It’s strange to believe that I’m the first transgender person to qualify for the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions,” she stated. “Seeing transgender candidates on the show before me was encouraging. This is a condensed version of the information.


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