Amazone PS5 customers offered replacement for stolen consoles – but not all


As the PlayStation 5 hit the UK market on November 19, buyers turned to social media to document their Amazon experience of having their next-gen consoles stolen.

PS5 crates of household appliances, Nerf guns and other goods appeared online, with buyers having one thing in common: they were buying from Amazon. A few weeks later, Amazon’s promise to “make everything right” surfaced.

Thursday, Anthony Dickens, co-owner of the PlayStation Gaming Outlet Push Square, posted a screenshot of an email he received from Amazon UK. The email said: “We are pleased to confirm that [Amazon] will be able to secure you a PlayStation 5 to replace the order you did not receive”.

Dickens and other Amazon UK users who did not receive their PS5 received a full refund for their missing package and, according to the email, must give permission to the online retailer to place the order again.

Well done @AmazonUK for “setting things right”. Hopefully this time it will actually get there… #ps5

– Anthony Dickens (@antdickens) December 2, 2020

However, since Dickens’ Tweet, other buyers have responded that Amazon UK customer support has told them that this replacement campaign is “fake” or that Amazon representatives have simply not gotten anywhere.

It sounds like many people at @AmazonUK are still stuck on this issue. Many reports from customer service representatives who said the replacement campaign was “fake” even though it was announced on national television #consoleme

– Anthony Dickens (@antdickens) December 3, 2020

Washington Newsday has contacted Amazon for comment and will update the story accordingly.

At the time of the reported thefts, an Amazon spokesman apologized in a statement to Washington Newsday saying the company was investigating what had happened to the orders.

The spokesman said that only a “small portion” of Playstation 5 orders were affected, but the company is addressing these customers to resolve issues.

“All we care about is making our customers happy, and that has not happened with a small portion of these orders,” the spokesperson said. “We are really sorry about this and we are investigating exactly what happened,” said the spokesman. We contact every customer who has had a problem and have drawn our attention to it so we can fix it. Anyone who has had a problem with an order can contact our customer service department for help.

As those affected by the PS5 thefts at Amazon UK try to figure out their next steps, the demand for Sony’s next-gen consoles is becoming apparent. So much so that Sony announced that the launch of the PS5 was the largest for a console in the company’s history.

The company even went so far as to reassure gamers that more units will be going to retailers “before the end of the year”.

“We want to thank players around the world for making the PS5 the biggest console launch ever. The demand for the PS5 is unprecedented, so we wanted to confirm that more PS5 stock will be going to retailers before the end of the year – please stay in touch with your local retailers,” Sony announced on social networking sites.

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