All the Movies and TV Shows Armie Hammer Has Left in 2021


All the Movies and TV Shows Armie Hammer Has Left in 2021

Armie Hammer, according to insiders, has checked into a Florida recovery center.

The actor has checked himself into an in-patient clinic for drug, alcohol, and sex disorders, according to Vanity Fair. This comes after he was accused of emotional abuse, manipulation, and sexual aggression by a number of women. The charges have been refuted by Hammer and his legal team.

Hammer has quit several TV and film projects as a result of the allegations, and his talent agency and publicist have terminated him as a client.

Here’s a list of all the jobs he’s quit since the allegations first in January.

Wedding with a Shotgun

Hammer appears to have abandoned the first role on his own volition. He was set to star with Jennifer Lopez in a rom-com action film shot in the Dominican Republic in January.

A number of abuse allegations were made against him via allegedly leaked Instagram messages just before filming of Shotgun Wedding began. “I’m not responding to these b******t claims,” Hammer said in a statement, “but in light of the nasty and unjustified Internet attacks against me, I can no longer leave my children for 4 months to make a film in the Dominican Republic.” Lionsgate is helping me out with this, and I appreciate it.”

The following month, Josh Duhamel was recast in the role, and Shotgun Wedding is now set to be published on June 29, 2022.

The Deal

The second domino to fall was the Paramount+ drama The Offer. The series is set in the early 70s and tells the behind-the-scenes story of the making of The Godfather.

Hammer was set to lead the show in the role of producer Al Ruddy, but reportedly left the cast in late January.

Whiplash star Miles Teller has since been recast in the role of Ruddy. Colin Hanks, Giovanni Ribisi and Dan Fogler are also set to star.


Hammer had initially been cast in Starz anthology series Gaslit but left, possibly due to scheduling issues with the aforementioned The Offer. Had he stayed, he would have worked with Julia Roberts and Sean Penn on this Watergate scandal show.

Dan Stevens (Beauty and The Beast) has since been cast in Hammer’s role of attorney John Dean.

The Billion Dollar Spy

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