All the Cameos and Easter Eggs in the ‘Scream 5’ Trailer You (Probably) Missed


All the Cameos and Easter Eggs in the ‘Scream 5’ Trailer You (Probably) Missed

Scream is back in 2022, with new gadgets and, presumably, a brand-new Ghostface wreaking havoc. Sidney Prescott (played by Neve Campbell) is heading the charge once more, but she is far from alone.

For this film, a brand-new cast of Ghostface hunters has been assembled, but some of those who were compelled to face him in earlier films are also returning.

The new trailer for Scream has just been released, highlighting all of the ways in which this new film will be comparable to its predecessors while still being updated for the modern era.

The Washington Newsday delves into the Scream trailer’s cameos, Easter eggs, and new cast members.


The Scream 5 Cameos

Neve Campbell leads the ensemble once again, but there are a few more familiar faces from the original Scream trilogy.

The first is Dewey (David Arquette), who has clearly battled with the horrors of Ghostface’s previous attacks.

Following him, the trailer shows Courteney Cox’s Gale, who appears to have shrunk back from her typical, determined self. When asked if she is willing to fight, she responds, “I am ready to fight.” “Is it for this? Never.” Deputy Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton), who worked alongside Dewey, the sheriff of Woodsboro, is the final familiar face.

She made her debut in Scream 4, a film that seemed to finish up the stories of Gale, Sidney, and Dewey, but there’s certainly more to come.

New Characters in the Scream 5 TrailerEaster Eggs

The teaser gives some important clues about the franchise’s future—as well as who Ghostface might be targeting.

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