After years of neglect, the internet supports a woman who invites her parents to her wedding as guests.


After years of neglect, the internet supports a woman who invites her parents to her wedding as guests.

After admitting in a now-viral Reddit post that she didn’t ask her parents to play any meaningful role in her wedding ceremony, a woman earned internet support. Rather, she invited them to be simply guests.

“AITA [am I the a**hole]for not wanting my parents to be anything more than guests in my wedding?” the bride-to-be questioned Redditors on Thursday in the popular Reddit topic “Am I The A**hole.” The post has earned over 11,000 votes so far.

The woman mentioned at the start of her article that her parents adopted her triplet cousins when they were children after her aunt, uncle, and grandmother were killed in a vehicle accident.

Her mother resigned her work as a teacher to be a stay-at-home mom after her cousins were brought to live with them. Her father used the inheritance from her grandma to pay off their house, according to the Redditor. He also invested the proceeds from her aunt and uncle’s life insurance policy in college funds for her cousins.

Despite this, the family’s finances were tight, and the Redditor claimed that she was forced to give up several of her hobbies. She also stated that her parents frequently prioritize her cousins.

“From the age of eight to thirteen, my parents were so focused on my cousins that they forgot they had a daughter,” she explained. “And because money was so tight, I had to give up all of my hobbies because my cousins’ hobbies were expensive and they needed to make sure they maintained the same standard of living for them.”

The Redditor claimed that when she was 13 years old, her maternal grandparents informed her that her parents had already depleted her college savings. She said she only saw her parents after that as “an egg and sperm donor.” “Fast forward to when my cousins entered college, and I assume my parents remembered they had a kid,” the woman explained. “But I wasn’t interested in maintaining a relationship with them beyond the occasional phone contact.”

“Now that I’m getting married, I’ve asked my grandfather to lead me down the aisle and my grandmother to handle the reception. This is a condensed version of the information.


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