After showing how ‘younger vs. older’ generations act in restaurants, a video sparks debate.


After showing how ‘younger vs. older’ generations act in restaurants, a video sparks debate.

A viral TikTok has generated a debate about restaurant manners among viewers of all generations. The video, which can be accessed here, has been viewed over 666,000 times since it was posted last week, with over 91,000 likes. The post’s popularity reflects the rising tensions between the generations known as “boomers,” “millennials,” and “Gen Z.”

TikToker Sally Loeza pans throughout a restaurant in the now-viral video, comparing how two distinct tables look after the customers have departed.

She told This Website that she was on a date with her fiancé when the incident occurred. “After we finished eating, we did what we always do, which was clean up after ourselves,” she explained. “While we were waiting for our check, we observed that the group across from us had not. We laughed since we’ve noticed that the elder generation does not always clean up after themselves.”

The contrast between the two tables is highlighted in the video: on the left, Loeza’s booth, where all of the dishes are neatly piled, trash and napkins appear to have been grouped together, and the cups are lined up in a row at the table’s edge.

Loeza then switches the emphasis to the right-hand table across the aisle. Dishes, glasses, cutlery, and napkins had all been strewn over the table.

In the video’s title, Loeza wrote, “Younger generation vs older generation,” along with the hashtags #genz and #boomers.

She confirmed to This website that the diners at the table next to her were, in fact, Baby Boomers. “As a member of the younger age, I believe we have been ridiculed a lot,” she remarked. “We have a reputation for being entitled, unpleasant, and disrespectful. This film demonstrated the exact opposite.”

She did admit, though, that the problem isn’t solely a generational one. “Each generation has its good and bad apples,” she explained.

Viewers raced to the comments area after seeing the brief film, with many disputing the many angles of Loeza’s assertion.

Many others, for example, agreed with TikToker and said they do the same thing when they eat out.

“I always stack,” says the author. This is a condensed version of the information.


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