After she felt “underestimated”, Teyana Taylor amazes fans with a surprise resignation


But Teyana Taylor is retiring from her music career. In an Instagram post released on Friday, Taylor thanked her fans for their support in streaming her music on Spotify before dropping the bomb that she is retiring from her music career after being underappreciated.

“Thanks a lot. I’m overlooked, I mean the list up and down,” the 29-year-old began, perhaps referring to her snubbing for the Grammys 2021 nomination, “in times when I feel super undervalued as an artist, getting little or no real push from the ‘machine’, constantly getting the shorter end of the stick, being overlooked.

” I withdraw this chapter of my story with the comfort of knowing that all the hard work and passion somewhere in the world was actually loved and supported,” she wrote.

“To all my supporters from day one and all my new supporters: I love you and thank you for everything and don’t worry, you all know that. Taylor added that “all hustlers have an understanding that a door opens when a door closes,” so perhaps despite her musical resignation, there are other projects in the works.

The fans flocked to the comment area to comment on Taylor’s surprise announcement. “Did Teyana just say that she is withdrawing from music? THE ALBUM was the best album of 2020! So many hits!” wrote a shocked fan. “UNDERRATED?!!!! Honey, you are the artist of the mf century!!!!” raved another.

“No, please don’t go, (sic) rnb needs you,” sounded a third. “We love you!!!! I am so sorry that you did not get the recognition you deserve. Your talent cannot be put into words,” added another.

According to their “Spotify 2020 Artists Wrapped” statistic, their music was streamed over 160 million times through the app, for a total of 8.4 million hours. She has three studio alumni with GOOD Music and Def Jam: VII, K.T.S.E. and The Album.

The album, released this summer, made it to #8 on the Billboard 200 and included the hit singles “Wake Up Love”, “Morning” and “How You Want It? but did not receive any recognition from the Recording Academy.

After announcing the Grammy nominations last month, Taylor went on Twitter and seemed disappointed that he was not included in the Best R&B Album category. “It would be better if you would just say Best MALE R&B ALBUM, because all I see is d*** in that category,” she tweeted on November 24.

She tweeted on November 24. “It would be better if you would just say Best MALE R&B ALBUM, because all I see is d*** in this category.


The artists John Legend, Luke James, Ant Clemons, Giveon and Gregory Porter were the five men nominated.


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