After Ricarlo Flanagan’s death at the age of 41, a friend of his urges the public to take COVID seriously.


After Ricarlo Flanagan’s death at the age of 41, a friend of his urges the public to take COVID seriously.

Following the death of comedian and rapper Ricarlo Flanagan at the age of 41, a friend of the late artist has urged the public to take COVID-19 “seriously.”

Flanagan died of COVID issues over the weekend, according to his talent representative, who was a semi-finalist on the ninth season of Last Comic Standing and had a recurring role in Shameless.

KMR Talent’s Stu Golfman told the outlet: “Unfortunately, this pandemic has claimed the life of a gifted singer and even wonderful person being. Ricarlo is going to be sorely missed.” Golfman also told The Washington Newsday that his client died at the age of 41, not 40, as other news sites had reported.

On October 1, just days before his death, Flanagan took to Twitter to reveal that he was battling the virus, writing: “This covid isn’t joking around. This is something I don’t want to happen to anyone.” Since the news of Flanagan’s death broke, a slew of comedians have paid tribute to him on social media, including his friend, comedian Steve Hofstetter.

Hofstetter penned the following: “Ricarlo Flanagan has died, I just learned. I don’t have any specifics yet. Aside from that, he was one of the funniest and friendliest guys I’d ever met in this industry. I worked with him on a lot of things and spent a lot of time with him, and I’ll miss him a lot. Right now, I’m f****** f****** f****** f****** f****** f*” He continues by pointing to Flanagan’s tweet about his struggle with COVID: “Ricarlo Flanagan was one of the most generous persons I’d ever met. In the past tense, I knew. Ricarlo’s final tweet before his death was this.

“Please consider this carefully. Please consider getting immunized. Please cover your face with a mask. It’s not about ‘liberty.’ It all comes down to not wanting to lose people.” “I’m in pain. “And I’m angry at the ones who downplayed this for their personal gain,” he continued. At those who regard others as numbers. People who got vaccinated to save their own lives yet encourage others not to because they want to have clout. My anger is directed at those whose selfishness resulted in the death of my friend.

“My pal is no longer with us. As I sit here trying not to break, I wish that every anti-vaxxer, anti-masker, science-denier, and lying scumbag had the opportunity to experience this misery.

“Not as a form of retaliation. But there’s another reason. This is a condensed version of the information.


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