After rescuing a wild cat from a zoo, a woman and her Rottweiler become best friends.


After rescuing a wild cat from a zoo, a woman and her Rottweiler become best friends.

Normally, cats and dogs are considered adversaries, but a popular TikTok account shows how a Rottweiler and a large cat became best friends.

Luna the panther was born in a Siberian zoo, but as a youngster, she was rejected by her mother.

Victoria, a Russian woman with past expertise with big cats, adopted her and raised her alongside Victoria’s dog Venza. They’ve become firm buddies.

Victoria created the @Luna the pantera TikTok account to capture the large cat’s household life. It has over 5.5 million followers and 61.8 million likes on Facebook.

Luna and Venza’s tight relationship is depicted in a video that was published on October 12 and has been seen over 600,000 times.

It starts with the two of them sharing a water pail, then goes to the panther adjusting a blanket for them to sit on together.

Luna then licks Venza’s back fur, gently washing her older brother.

“My best friend [heart emoji]#frienda #animalfriends #cute #cutecat,” read the caption on the video, which can be seen here.

@luna the pantera

#frienda #animalfriends #cute #cutecat My best friend #frienda #animalfriends #cute #cutecat

♬ Sam MacPherson’s Counts There have been approximately 75,000 likes and roughly 1,000 comments on the video.

“This is very sweet!” wrote Badbagalut on TikTok. From Germany, many greetings! “We have a fantastic relationship.” “I would love to have a panther as a pet,” Bwilson212 wrote. “I have a number of exotic animals right now and would like to add it to my collection.” “Hello, beautiful Luna!” wrote Beverlycockrum. It’s great to see you from Texas! It’s stunning! I wish I could be there to spoil you.” “Actually, UNBELIEVABLE, my heart is full of love watching this,” Karin Grand500 said. “They’re adorable together,” Torsten Krebs said simply. However, not everyone liked the video, including 110 Shades of Grey, who said, “How is this allowed???” There is no longer any sanctity for wildlife.” “Put it back in the wild,” Ash diddy_ agreed, writing. “I predict there will be a horrible day and a loser… my odds are the cat wins…” said user1809573557053. “However, it appears to be working now.” It was permissible to have exotic pets in Russia until January 2020, when an animal-protection law went into effect.

The law applies to 33 animals, including panthers, that are “potentially hazardous to their owners.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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