After Kalani Hilliker has lost, the fans of the ‘Dance Moms’ avenge themselves with praise for Maddie Ziegler.


Kalani Hilliker faces a wave of backlash after she posted a tweet in support of President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

The dance moms’ star had encouraged fans to use their vote by going to the polls and voting on election day. However, their message immediately sparked outrage after they stopped the tweet in support of Trump, who is running against the Democratic candidate and former vice president Joe Biden.

“No matter who you vote for, use your vote and vote! It is your right!!!! #Trump2020,” Hilliker wrote.

What followed was an onslaught of Dance Mom fans who beat up the 18-year-old reality star by comparing her to former actress Maddie Ziegler.

“And that’s why Maddie was always at the top of the pyramid,” wrote one person on Twitter.

And that’s why Maddie was always at the top of the pyramid.

– britney (@BritneyMarie__) November 3, 2020

When Hillikar’s acting colleague and friend Kendall Vertes retweeted her message, angry fans bombarded the two with answers and tweets, supporting Ziegler and other Dance Mom members Nia Sioux and Chloe Lukasiak.

“not kalani hilliker and kendall vertes supporting trumpet with their full chest. maddie, chloe and nia would never,” tweeted one fan.

not kalani hilliker and kendall vertes supporting trumpet with full chest ð maddie, chloe and nia would never support x

– jess (@stylesbbs) November 3, 2020

Another person claimed that Hilliker’s vote for Trump was just another example of why Ziegler, Sioux and Lukasiak were the “superior” members of the show.

Kalani and Kendall are Trump followers…., which is why Maddie, Nia and Chloe were superior ðððððððð

– âð¼âð½âð¾âð¿ (@_lolnoel_) November 3, 2020

The 2020 election will be the first big choice for every young person. While Hilliker has encouraged people to vote for Trump, Ziegler, Sioux and Lukasiak have indicated their support for Biden. The dancers appeared in an Instagram live conversation with Biden’s granddaughter Finnegan Biden in October and talked about the importance of voting and how Gen Z can play an important role in the 2020 election.

Ziegler was particularly open about the election, encouraging her supporters to vote throughout the campaign season through videos and messages on her Instagram and Twitter. She has posted content advising fans to participate in her primaries and shared information on how teens can register before the election. Over the summer, 18-year-old Ziegler partnered with When We All Vote for a Facebook contest in which supporters were asked to nominate five people to register to vote, whereupon the newly registered voters convinced five of their supporters to register to vote, and so on.

“This year I am 18 years old, a first-time voter, and it is a presidential election. So it is not only a big year for me, but for all of us, especially for General Z. We have a big stake in this upcoming election, and 24 million of us will be eligible to vote in November, which is crazy,” Ziegler said at the time. “So let’s keep that momentum and make sure we’re all heard….


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