After defacing a woman’s workspace with ‘Trump 2024’ graffiti, a guy was fired.


After defacing a woman’s workspace with ‘Trump 2024′ graffiti, a guy was fired.

After reportedly vandalizing a coworker’s desk with graffiti expressing support for former President Donald Trump, a guy was purportedly fired from his employment.

Viewers were given a close look at the damage done by an anonymous male employee in a video shared to TikTok by smilemoonchild, a Canadian woman from Hamilton, Ontario. You may watch the video here.

She adds at the start of the film, “Tell me you have a bad coworker without telling me you have an awful coworker.” “I’ll take the lead.”

The camera pans over her workspace, which is located in an unidentified warehouse. It has been damaged with various phrases scrawled beneath a heart emoji, all written in strong red paint and saying either “Trump 2024” or simply “Trump.”

In and around her desk, the messages appear on tables, cardboard boxes, and bins. The video features a total of five different pieces of graffiti.

During smilemoonchild’s day off, her section was defaced, she claims.

She states on the video, “I already reported it to HR, and they said they’re going to deal with it and they’re going to go to the director of human resources.”

“Because it’s solely in my sector, I’m sure it was aimed at me.”

Smilemoonchild adds she has strong suspicions about one male coworker in the film, which has been viewed 160,000 times, adding that he is conveniently “on vacation” after working the day when the Trump graffiti were painted.


Tell me you have a terrible coworker without telling me you have a terrible coworker – chandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

“Not only was this specifically targeted at me, but it’s also f***ing workplace vandalism,” she says. “Like, hi, are you deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly de

Smilemoonchild said she threatened to quit when the man returned from his vacation in a follow-up video posted just over a week later.

“I went to my supervisor the second he came through that door and told him, ‘Listen, if this guy stays and nothing happens to him, I’m done.’ “I’m leaving, and I’m going home,” she stated in the video.

Despite neglecting to keep her informed about what kind of disciplinary action was being taken, management assured her that the problem was “under control.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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