After ‘berating’ his wife for bringing him a home-cooked meal to work, a man sparks outrage.


After ‘berating’ his wife for bringing him a home-cooked meal to work, a man sparks outrage.

It’s never easy to start a new job. But for one Redditor, the experience appears to have been particularly trying, resulting in a heated argument with his wife about, of all things, food.

“AITA for telling my wife she humiliated me by bringing a lunch to my work?” the 33-year-old man, known only by the moniker u/ThrowraWork46874, queried in a Monday night post on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) forum. Since then, the thread has received approximately 13,000 votes and over 7,500 comments, indicating that it has gone viral.

The Redditor explained that he recently started a new work at “a huge corporation” in the area where he and his wife had recently relocated “months ago.” His wife “spoke about planning a surprise” for him to celebrate his new job, and at first, the Redditor was delighted to find out what his wife had planned.

Until the surprise was revealed, that is. His wife showed up at his office two days earlier “with a lunch she stated she prepared specifically for [him]because it’s [his]favorite,” according to u/ThrowraWork46874. “It appears that this was a pleasant surprise for her,” he continued. “I was irritated that she brought it to my place of business.” He went on to explain why he was upset by the surprise: his employees, he claimed, were rude “are ruthless and brutally honest, as well as snarky. They “got engaged and kept taunting [him]about the meal” when his wife brought the lunch. ” “‘Mommy’ is extremely supportive by bringing meals to [his]office,” one of them joked. “I felt like s**t as he and other coworkers were laughing at me,” the Redditor said. The teasing carried on the next day. Identical coworker “he kept cracking jokes and asking things like, ‘Is mommy bringing lunch today, too?’ ‘When will your diaper be changed by mommy?'” Things between the Redditor and his wife deteriorated after he returned home from work that day. He added, “I felt so awful…and just blew up at my wife,” saying she “flatout f**ked embarrassed [him]” and “just wrecked any goddamned prestige and respect [he]had” among his peers.

He explained, “She contended that she was only trying to do something kind for me and didn’t care what people thought.” She. This is a condensed version of the information.


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