After being fired over a viral video confrontation, a hospital security guard is ‘heartbroken.’


After being fired over a viral video confrontation, a hospital security guard is ‘heartbroken.’

After a video showing him interrogating a woman in an ER waiting room went viral, an Oklahoma hospital security guard was dismissed.

Jose “Tony” Martinez told Fox23 that he was “heartbroken” after being fired from his job at a Tulsa hospital called Hillcrest due to the negative publicity caused by the video.

Grant Kinsey submitted the video to TikTok earlier this month, and it quickly went viral.

A woman in a pink T-shirt can be seen shouting in the face of another woman seated in a hospital waiting room chair in the video.

Martinez rushes over to her and orders the pink-clad woman to “keep away from other people.”

Martinez walks up behind her and takes a seat on an adjacent chair.

He then leans in close to her and tells her to “remain in the f***ing chair or get out.”

“Do that again, and I’ll kick you out personally,” Martinez warns the lady before walking away.

Kinsey shared a video of the incident with the remark, “Damn the ER in Tulsa be wildin.'” The video has been seen over 71 million times on TikTok as of this writing, with many people praising Martinez’s response.

“More discipline like this,” Vinson added, while Conni responded, “excellent work officer.” Meanwhile, Amber Jay expressed gratitude to Martinez for defending the other woman in the video.

You may watch the video here.

@grantkinsey3Damn, Tulsa’s ER is crazy. Grant Kinsey’s original sound for #fyp Martinez, a father of three who had worked at the hospital for over six years, told Fox23 that the incident occurred six months ago but only recently gained public attention due to the viral video.

Despite his firing, he informed the news organization that he stands by what he did, stating that the video was the conclusion of a series of encounters with the woman, who he claims was verbally abusing others.

“In the lobby, she started getting combative with patients, saying some terrible things and being extremely mean,” he added.

The statements are consistent with Kinsey’s account of events, which he gave in a follow-up. This is a condensed version of the information.


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