After being fined for not wearing a mask, a Republican congressman warns against mask mandates.


After being fined for not wearing a mask, a Republican congressman warns against mask mandates.

Ralph Norman, a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, is speaking out against prospective mask mandates that could be implemented as a result of rising COVID-19 numbers.

The South Carolina congressman spoke to NewsMax on Monday about the potential ramifications of the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control requiring Americans to wear masks in public areas.

Norman told NewsMax, “I don’t think they’re going to take it well.” “I believe there will be enormous backlash against this, especially given this administration’s hypocrisy in other areas. I believe they will rise up against it.”

“What will be fascinating is whether individuals will elect to do it or risk being thrown off the plane when you board an airplane,” Norman continued. “However, it will be tremendous. This is part of their plan to do this.”

“Where is the panel that will investigate where [COVID-19] came from? Is anyone willing to accept it came from a bat in a wet market? No, this is from a foreign country, China, which we believe, and many of us believe, is dumping this on America because they loathe America and are communists.”

Norman, along with Georgia Representative Majorie Taylor Greene and Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie, were fined $500 in May for not wearing a face-covering on the House floor. On July 20, he was unsuccessful in his appeal of the fine.

Norman retaliated on Twitter, claiming that the House had squandered an opportunity to enforce its directives allowing vaccinated people to go out in public without facial coverings.

Norman remarked on Twitter that “Americans should fight back on petty laws that are neither sensible nor established in science.” “Especially those with a political agenda. On the House floor, I did just that.”

Norman also discussed a possible vaccine mandate with NewsMax if the FDA approves the COVID-19 vaccine.

“From what I’ve heard, they’ll probably give it a shot,” Norman remarked. “You know, in this nation, we have the choice to choose whether or not to get vaccinated. I was immunized. But it’s the same on the mask. Masks, according to the majority of doctors I spoke with, are ineffective.

“I believe this government is employing another another scare tactic. This is a condensed version of the information.


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