After Bannon suggests beheading Fauci, Zuckerberg says he did not “cross the line” enough to be suspended.


Steve Bannon’s Facebook page is not going anywhere. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg told Facebook on Thursday that the account of the former White House chief strategist would not be blocked because he had not directly violated social networking guidelines. Bannon showed a video on social networks last week in which he mentioned the beheading of infection expert Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“We have certain rules about how often you must violate certain policies before we completely disable your account,” Zuckerberg said. “Although the violations here, I believe, almost crossed that line, they clearly did not cross that line.

The video was part of his podcast War Room: Pandemic. Facebook removed the video, but kept his Facebook page. However, Bannon banned Twitter shortly after the video was live.

CONFIRMS: Steve Bannon was banned from @twitter.

– Sleeping giants (@slpng_giants) November 5, 2020

Bannon said in his podcast last week that Dr. Fauci should be beheaded and implied that Fauci was disloyal to President Donald Trump. Bannon served as chief strategist of the White House and senior counsel to the President under Trump from January 2017 to August 2017.

“The second term of office begins with the dismissal of Wray, the dismissal of Fauci. Now I would like to go one step further, but I realize that the President is a good-hearted and good man,” Bannon said at the time regarding Fauci along with FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“I would actually like to go back to the old days of the Tudor England, I would put the heads on spits, right, I would put them on the two corners of the White House as a warning to the federal bureaucrats,” he continued, adding, “Either you stick to the program or you’re gone, time to stop playing games.

Bannon also compared the American Revolution to the Civil War. “That is how you won the revolution. Nobody wants to talk about it,” he said to his co-host Jack Maxey. “The Revolution wasn’t some sort of garden party, right? It was a civil war. It was a civil war.”

On Wednesday, Dr. Fauci responded to comments Bannon had made during an appearance on the Australian television news program The 7:30 Report.

“It was obviously very stressful. I think to deny it would be to deny reality,” Dr. Fauci said of The Hill. “When public figures like Bannon demand your decapitation, I think that’s really quite unusual.

He added, “This is not the kind of thing you think about when you go through medical school to become a doctor.

Updated 11/12/2020 17:40 EST: This article has been updated to provide more context….


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