After announcing her pregnancy at the age of 68, Lyn May says she’s engaged to Singer, 30.


After announcing her pregnancy at the age of 68, Lyn May says she’s engaged to Singer, 30.

Lyn May, a Mexican actress, announced her engagement to musician Markos D1 just weeks after announcing she was expecting his baby at the age of 68.

May made headlines on August 8 when she announced on her Instagram account that she was expecting a child and that the father was Markos, who turned 30 on August 29.

A few weeks later, on August 25, she shared a short video of a baby scan, along with an indication of a January 12, 2022 due date, with the caption: “01/12/22.”

May returned to Instagram in September to announce that she was getting married to Markos, real name Marcos Hernandez, after revealing that she was expecting twins.

May later deleted the post, along with other updates on her pregnancy claims, shortly after uploading it, but not before it was captured by Mexican entertainment news show Suelta La Sopa.

May captioned a snapshot of herself and Markos on the show’s Instagram account, “I invite you to my wedding February 14 2022 in #LasVegas # 2022.”

A representative of Markos D1 has been approached for comment by this website.

Despite the news, Markos previously told This website in August that he and May could only have conceived during a drunken one-night stand months earlier this summer.

He admitted, “We never had a true connection.” “It was strange to me because I had gone to Mexico to the Pepsi Center for an event to which we had been invited. We had a drink. I had had so much alcohol that I have no recollection of what transpired that evening. It was completely insane.

“After that, she didn’t say anything to me. I was just getting [messages]on Instagram saying things like, ‘Happy that you’re going to be a parent,’ and it was crazy.”

Markos also ruled out marriage during the interview, insisting that the California-based artist and the Ficheras film actress could only ever be friends.

He explained, “She’s been married seven times already.” “I don’t think she’d want to get married again,” says the narrator. And there have been numerous accounts of her unearthing her husband from the grave. She has a lot of background!”

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