After an epic Olympics photo blunder, a woman learns about her ‘cheater’ boyfriend.


After an epic Olympics photo blunder, a woman learns about her ‘cheater’ boyfriend.

After detecting multiple tell-tale indications in a snapshot her partner sent her, she labeled him a “cheater” on social media.

Megan-Marie explained how a seemingly innocent photo of her other half “watching the Olympics with the boys” led her to learn he was spending the evening with another lady in a video published on TikTok.

The video can be seen in its entirety here.

Megan-Marie begins the video by sharing what looks to be a previous text discussion between herself and her boyfriend, which has been viewed over 1.3 million times on the video sharing platform.

She first asks him what he is doing that night in a succession of subtitles on the screen, to which he responds, “watching the Olympics with the fellas, see u tomorrow.”

Megan-Marie seems sceptical in the video, shaking her head as the clip goes to a photo he gave her of him enjoying the Olympics.

The room appears to be normal at first glance. Megan-Marie, on the other hand, zooms in on the photograph to provide TikTok viewers incriminating evidence of his deception.

A tumbler of red wine, a hydroflask, and, most tellingly, a woman’s knee can be seen reflected in a mirrored cabinet behind the screen upon closer scrutiny.

More confirmation may be found among the books on display in the photo, which include one that appears to be a history of the Chanel fashion house and Taschen’s New York, a guide to the city’s hotels, restaurants, and boutiques.

Megan-Marie captioned the video with the hashtags #olympic #ClearGenius #callherdaddy #cheater #toxictiktok and #olympic #ClearGenius #callherdaddy #cheater #toxictiktok.


Do I have #olympic #ClearGenius #callherdaddy #cheater #toxictiktok inscribed on my forehead?

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The video has received 262,000 likes on the site and over 1,400 comments, with the majority agreeing that she has caught him off guard.

“I can already hear the excuses,” Jadetunchy writes.

“I despise him bestie,” Divestpillled said.

“Why wouldn’t he zoom in and transmit the TV alone?” Deltakappa epsilon wondered.

“I have a lot of questions.”

“Imagine if this was a live,” Maddyalta1 imagined an even worse scenario. This is a condensed version of the information.


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