After a mechanic rips out the interior of a car in a viral video, a dead rat is discovered in the AC unit.


After a mechanic rips out the interior of a car in a viral video, a dead rat is discovered in the AC unit.

After discovering a rat in the vehicle’s air conditioning unit, a mechanic who was called to check a dead animal stench in a car released a TikTok that has since received nearly 4 million views.

Brock Calvert, whose username on the popular video-sharing platform is @brockcalvert, reveals a case in which a customer said they smelt a dead animal in the automobile.

Calvert adds, “Let’s take a look around in here,” before revealing that he has stripped the majority of the car’s interior. “It got stronger down this AC vent,” says the narrator. The technician examines the source of the bad odor with a probe camera that snakes through the vent. The body of a dead rat is exposed as he opens the vent door.

Some viewers were perplexed as to why Calvert removed the interior of the automobile while searching for the odor. In response to one of the comments that raised the query, he stated that he dismantled the interior of the vehicle to look for any potential damage.

He wrote to one viewer, “There’s other damage to the car throughout the entire interior, including underneath carpeting.” “If I hadn’t done it, insurance wouldn’t have known.” Small animals may seek out a warm location to dwell and sleep, especially during the colder months of the year, according to a piece published by Utah State University Extension—and that place may be someone’s automobile.

Rodents that make a home in an automobile, on the other hand, can do major damage and even create nests inside.

The article stated, “These unwelcome occupants can create electrical, air conditioning, heating, and sanitary difficulties,” before outlining the types of harm that could occur.

If wires are chewed, electrical shorts can occur, air vents can be blocked by a nest, and excrement, urine, and urine from rats can contribute to disease spread.

Humans can be harmed by food carried inside a car if it comes into contact with rodent saliva during a cleanup. Furthermore, anything that is not consumed may develop mold, resulting in respiratory sickness.

One viewer remarked, “Don’t keep food in your car…seriously a mouse can wreck a car overnight by munching on wires.”

Some of the commenters offered their own personal stories. This is a condensed version of the information.


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