According to statistics, half of all adults in the United Kingdom are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.


According to statistics, half of all adults in the United Kingdom are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

According to the current numbers, half of all adults in the UK have got both doses of the Covid-19 vaccination.

The achievement comes just one day after the government revealed that three-quarters of individuals had already gotten their first dose.

Since the immunization campaign began over six months ago, a total of 26,422,303 second doses had been provided.

This is the equivalent of 50.2 percent of all adults in the United States.

In England, a total of 22,442,383 second doses were administered, accounting for 50.7 percent of the adult population.

England is somewhat ahead of the other three UK nations, with Scotland receiving 48.2% (2,137,618 second doses), Northern Ireland 47.1 percent (684,398 second doses), and Wales 45.9%. (1,157,904 second doses).

The findings have left Health Secretary Matt Hancock “thrilled,” as he reaffirmed his call for individuals to take up the offer of a vaccination.

“Let us roll up our sleeves and put this plague to rest once and for all,” he continued.

The latest milestone, according to vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi, is “heart-warming news.”

“Everyone who has gotten their second dose can exhale a sigh of relief knowing that they have complete protection against the virus and its new variants,” he added.

The newest numbers have been released by the four health organizations in the United Kingdom.

They also reveal that 75.5 percent of adults in the UK have now got their first dose of vaccination.

Wales is predicted to have 85.7 percent of adults who have got their first vaccination, far ahead of England (75.0 percent), Scotland (74.6 percent), and Northern Ireland (74.6 percent) (73.9 percent ).

The government has stated that all adults will receive the first dosage of a vaccination by the end of July, and everyone aged 50 and up would receive both doses by June 21.

Meanwhile, a scientist cautioned that just because the rollout is going smoothly, individuals should not think of themselves as living in “Fortress UK,” since an equitable distribution of vaccines is required worldwide.

Professor Robin Shattock, Imperial College London’s director of mucosal infection and immunology, told the Royal Society of Medicine. (This is a brief piece.)


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