Abdominal fat: Better endurance or strength training for weight loss?


When it comes to how best to lose fat, some people swear by strength training, others rely more on endurance training. This raises the question of what form of training is actually best.

A study involving researchers from Tehran University of Medical Sciences found that a combination of strength and endurance training seems to be effective in reducing abdominal fat. The results were published in the English language journal “Advances in Nutrition”.

Is endurance training or strength training better suited for reducing unhealthy abdominal fat? Results of a new study indicate that none of the approaches seem to be optimal. The best success is therefore achieved by a combination of both training methods.

How can unwanted abdominal fat be reduced?

However, there seems to be no reason to choose one type of training. Because the researchers conclude that both types of training work. But it is best if they work together.

How can you effectively lose fat?

In a review paper, the results of 43 studies were analyzed, which dealt with training styles and their effects. It was found that although aerobic exercise tends to be slightly more effective in reducing abdominal fat, the greatest change occurs when combined with resistance training or strength training.

The reduction of abdominal fat is important for cardiovascular health. A study of Korean adults, for example, found that people with normal body mass index had more cardiovascular risk factors when they had abdominal obesity, the researchers report.

In another evaluated study, excess abdominal fat was found to be a risk for recurrent heart attacks and strokes in people who had already experienced such an incident. In this study, nearly 23,000 people were medically monitored for about four years after their cardiac event. In people with higher levels of abdominal fat, the incidence of another event was significantly higher.

A healthy waist circumference is very important for the prevention of future heart attacks and strokes. Abdominal obesity consists of visceral fat that wraps around the organs and can have negative effects on blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin resistance.

For better heart health it is therefore important to reduce excess abdominal fat. Healthy nutrition and regular exercise can help in this case. Sport in the form of so-called HIT (High Intensity Training), which combines cardiovascular exercises and weight training, is also an excellent way to promote fat burning. (as)

Also known as subcutaneous abdominal fat is known to promote inflammation and may increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

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