A woman tries to use a fake I.D. that features a picture of Peter Griffin from the TV show “Family Guy.”


A woman tries to use a fake I.D. that features a picture of Peter Griffin from the TV show “Family Guy.”

Peter Griffin is the protagonist of the popular animated series “Family Guy.”

In the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island, the father of three is always caught in awkward or strange situations.

However, he has yet to attempt to drink at an Alabama nightclub on the show. As a result, when one TikTok user tried to obtain access using a false ID card containing his photo on it, the bouncer was not deceived.

The woman can be seen handing up the cartoon I.D. card to the mask-wearing bouncer in the amusing viral video taken to the app by user Nelly131.

The man stares at the card, stunned, and exclaims, “Peter Griffin?! This is inexcusable!” The group bursts out laughing.

The description on the hilarious video, which you can view here, reads: “He had to phone the other bouncer to be sure LMAO.”

Since its release on September 18, the funny video has received a lot of attention online, with over 1.3 million views and over 280,500 likes at the time of writing.


He had to phone the other bouncer to double-check that the LMAO sound was still there. nelly –

Many individuals have also flocked to the comments section to express their thoughts on the amusing incident.

Enrique Mendoza, a TikTok user, wrote: “LMAO how he said Peter Griffin,” with a laughing-face emoji.

“Imagine he looked up and it was really Peter Griffin,” another individual, Jayred Zuber, said.

“He said Peter griffin like he was pleased to see him,” Jpeg! explained.

“Bro was flabbergasted,” L3GITxTOXX typed.

“He really wanted to see Pete today,” Jah Gough said.

“Please, I’m in the library trying not to laugh,” Gorilla admitted.

“Bro believed he might have had the actual Peter Griffin there for a second,” Tristan said.

“Hopefully he was cool enough to give it back to know a bunch of people who would still believe it’s serious and keep it,” Andrewmackrew explained.

Recently, video of a lady claiming that her drink was drugged in a pub during her bachelorette party went viral on TikTok, but the bartender appeared unconcerned.

Kayley, who goes by the online handle Kayleyg21, claimed in a video posted on June 1 that she “noticed” something while at the Seacrets Club in Ocean City, Maryland. This is a condensed version of the information.


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