A Tiktok user shared a brilliant tip for getting free McDonald’s French fries.


A Tiktok user shared a brilliant tip for getting free McDonald’s French fries.

In the realm of fast food fandom, McDonald’s hacks are nothing new, but one ardent customer may have just discovered one of the finest yet.

Orlando Johnson, a TikTok user, recently took to the social media network to reveal what he observed during a recent trip to the Golden Arches.

He revealed his ingenious “hack” for receiving free refills on french fries at McDonald’s in a video released under the pseudonym itsosoprodigy.

The simplicity of his discovery, which is a popular complement to any meal served at the restaurant chain, makes it all the more astounding.

They only needed to ask for them.

Johnson filmed one of his pals going up to the counter to request a refill of his fries in the video, which has since been viewed over 4.3 million times on TikTok and can be viewed here.

To Johnson’s surprise, a member of staff accomplishes just that, returning to their table with a carton packed with McDonald’s french fries and an obviously thrilled friend.


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Orlando Johnson’s original sound

In the hours and days since, the video’s comments section has been filled with remarks from fast food aficionados.

“I need to attempt that,” Big fat David wrote.

“This makes me happy,” said thecosmicjester.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cleant called it a “unlimited food malfunction.”

“If you don’t ask, you’ll never receive it,” said User 1234567891011121319, praising Johnson and his companion for having the courage to try it.

“Ima go with my bro’s and see if they will try cause I won’t lol,” Jayyo250 expressed his desire to try it out.

Socalcarspotting, a TikTok member, even tried to get Johnson to remove the post so that no one else found out.

They wrote, “Delete this because I don’t want other people to find out about this.”

Given the amount of food wasted at fast-food restaurants, the hack made perfect sense to eddieanderson20.

“They toss out so many fries every day, why not?” he added.

Others were simply amazed, with juliaanderson1234 writing, “That’s the most full I’ve ever seen them load those fries.”

It was even claimed by a few persons. This is a condensed version of the information.


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