A reopening date of June 21 would be a matter of weeks, not months, according to a scientist.


A reopening date of June 21 would be a matter of weeks, not months, according to a scientist.

An expert predicted that any delay to the June 21 reopening in England would be weeks rather than months, and questioned why people were “absolutely obsessed” with requiring a deadline for restrictions to cease rather than following the statistics.

Professor Robin Shattock also cautioned that, despite the vaccine rollout’s continuous success, the public should not think of themselves as living in “Fortress UK,” because the rest of the world needs vaccines as well.

Professor Peter Openshaw, who joined him for the Royal Society of Medicine webinar on Thursday, described not sharing extra vaccines with the rest of the world as “unethical.”

He demanded that the “over-purchasing that we and others have done” be addressed “in order to limit transmission and sickness among people who will unquestionably gain greatly (from vaccines).”

“We’ve done really well in the UK with vaccine deployment, but we can’t think of ourselves as Fortress UK,” said Prof Shattock, head of mucosal infection and immunology at Imperial College London.

“We need to provide those immunizations to the rest of the world as soon as possible.”

When it comes to the June 21 recommended unlocking date, Prof Shattock cautioned that releasing limitations too quickly could mean “losing the achievements that we’ve already achieved,” and that any delay in moving to reopen would be brief.

“I believe we still need to look at the evidence very carefully,” he said.

“I’m still concerned about getting enough individuals vaccinated in the locations where we’re seeing greater amounts of the Delta variant,” says the researcher.

“So we just have to be careful not to unlock too soon and jeopardize the gains we’ve made so far.

“If we’re talking about a delay, we’re talking about weeks rather than months, and that might be substantial.

“So I’m not sure why everyone is so focused with adjusting it to a date rather than to the data.”

He stated that he would like to verify that enough people have received immunizations. (This is a brief piece.)


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